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Long term right side pain

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Smilygrl4 HB User
Long term right side pain

I'm a 27 yr old female. Here is my past 3 months in a "nutshell" (sorry its long, but I want to be through...):
- sinus infection diagnosed at a minute clinic in late December, was prescribed 10 days of amoxicillin and mucinex

- First week of January, an upset stomach with minor but altered bowel movements and pain in my lower right side by groin. However I was in New Orleans eating things I never had before (including a nasty street vendor hot dog), so I figured it was an upset stomach

- pain spread under belly button and across to left side, but main location of pain was still lower right side

- saw doctor and was told I had a vaginal infection (although I didn't "see"/ feel and signs) and was prescribed 7 days of metronidazole (which the dr said should make the pain go away). Pain did not go away and I began having altered bowel movements similar (but not) to diareah. No relief after going to the bathroom. Felt like I had the flu for a while when done going (chills and exhaustion, even though I did not have to struggle).

- Went to ER one night because the pain was so bad. Had a CT and an inner and outer ultra sound. Showed a lot of inflammation in the colon, ovaries looked fine. Doctors said I needed to see a GI specialist since I had a bad bout of gastroenteritis almost a year before and they wanted to rule out Chrones and similar disorders.

- ER drs prescribed Amox-Clav (7 days) and fluconidazole (1 pill). No change.

- pain continued with low dull as a "base pain" with occasional spikes that reached level 8 to 10 for a few minutes at random times (this seems to be how I've been ever since)

- No relief, so saw primary Dr again who recommended I see my OBGYN just in case it's an ovary problem. By this time the pain was creeping up towards under my right rib cage.

- OBGYN said overies and uterus look fine but still had vaginal infection (still "saw" nothing on my own, though...), and was prescribed another dose of metronidazole and told to see GI dr

- Saw GI dr who did a colonoscopy- everything looked normal, biopsies showed nothing wrong as well. He said let's talk again in 2 weeks to see what the pain is like...

- Pain is now on lower right side still, creeping up under my lower rib cage where it is the worst, and around to under my right shoulder blade, and there are pain sensations on my left side as well... Abnormal bowel movements are now slightly different (but still not normal) than before.

- Went back to GI dr and cried in pain as he felt/ pushed around on my abdomen and upper back. Was told to take high doses of Acetaminophen twice a day for the pain and scheduled an endoscopy and blood work.

- All blood work and endoscopy came back negative for anything glaringly wrong. Found a microscopic trace of Barrot's disease so was told to take 2 omeprazole tablets a day just in case as well as Align to try and regulate the bowel movements for a month.

- Stopped taking Omeprazole after a week because it made my stomach upset (on top of the pains that continue to spike on and off).

- Switched GI drs and new dr prescribed Levbid which is supposed to relax organs and prevent them from cramping. Have been taking one pill twice a day for the last 2 weeks or with little relief.

- Dr also ordered an ultrasound of my gall bladder (which i got almost 2 weeks ago) and am waiting for results.

- Flew to AZ for a small getaway- hurt like hell on the airplane, especially during take off and landing. Also hurt more with higher elevation, but not so much while hiking.

- Hurts most often while sitting, not too bad while standing or laying down. Hurts when I am hugged, which is sad... Bowel movements almost back to normal, but still a tiny bit strange every once and a while...

- Had the flu (hopefully it was just the flu!) for three days back in February: low to high fevers and chills and generak weakness

- sometimes it feels like small fireworks are going off in the main area of pain under my right lower ribs, by the way. Occasionally they happen towards the middle of my chest as well. Very unsettling.

- Have been very itchy, by the way, especially on my scalp and all around my abdomen and it hurts like hell when I scratch my side or my back under my shoulder blades. My nose has been INCREDIBLY itchy as well in the same two exact little spots, and when i blow my nose in the mornings, a few little blood clots appear on the kleenex. Is this relevant?

Any and all questions, comments, advice are welcomed and appreciated!!!! I am so incredibly sick and tired of having these pains! Thank you SO much in advance!

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Re: Long term right side pain

♥♥♥♥please keep me informed...i'm having the same problems...since feb 2011...still no answers from doctors♥♥♥♥

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cheffyd82 HB User
Re: Long term right side pain

Hey There

Sorry to hear of the pain you are dealing with,

Abdominal pain is a tricky thing for a doctor to diagnos, and i am sorry that you have to deal with it because i know how big a pain it is, and how doctor really dont realize how much it hurts...

with the pain radiating to your shoulders i think you should wait for the results of the ultrasound on your gallbladder, ask for a hida scan which evaluates the gallbladder and how it processes ....have you had your bilirubin checked sometimes if stones are lodged in the bile ducts it would cause an increase in bile which would cause jaundice which can cause itchy skin!

the biggest advice i can give you is be your own advocate its your body you know when your hurting make the doctors believe and understand your pain!!

i wish you all the best and please keep us up todate on your situation

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Smilygrl4 HB User
Re: Long term right side pain

Thanks for your message! It is frustrating, and my poor husband is a med student and he's frustrated as well (doesn't help his stress level...). The ultrasound I got of my gallbladder came back normal which is good, by the way. I have not asked about a hida scan, though. Will inquire about it when I go back to my doctor in two weeks. As for the jaundice, I haven't noticed it (and my eyes are still clear), but I am half Asian and have a bit of a tan on top of the already olive-ish skin, so I was told its a little harder to see...

The newest development/ addition to my seemingly random pain is that my upper half (lower ribs on the front, side, and back; including shoulder blades), as well as my upper arms/ shoulders are incredibly sensitive to being poked/ having pressure applied to them, but not if done with a flat surface (like laying in bed or a pat on the back). The pain doesn't radiate and will last for several minutes after being "poked". Not good when working with little kids all day... My doctor told me to try taking ibuprofen twice a day for the next two weeks and if it doesn't help she'll refer me to a rheumatologist. We'll see how it goes!

Fortunately, bowel habits are back to normal and have been for the past month, so that's a plus! Always have to look for the positive!

Thanks again for the post!!! Keep 'em coming!

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Re: Long term right side pain

i am just wondering if thru asll of the repeat doc visists if they have even done a really in depth and comprehensive set of the most needed lab functions tests on you to at least check of what simply CAN be impacted within that whole upper GI area when something is just not sunctioning up to par? the labs should be able t0o tell their own lil story here if something IS just 'going on'? was ANYTHING out of the norm range or even above the basic midline norm ramnge, meaning if there is, it is being somewhat impacted or it woulf either be AT mid or oower.

i do agree a hida scan may reveal much more about whats up with your GB than just basic US would as well.

its just the overall 'area' of where you are describing the pain that would indicate at least the potential for GB issues, but could also be a form of rediating pain from other areas within that upper GI as well, depending. a good contrasted CT, depending upon what actually does or does not show itself with the HIDA may also show more as well than at least what you know now anyways.

just one really important thing to keep in mind here too, esp if nothing really 'appears" to be showing itself with abdominal and upper GI testing? this is one of those things where when you just ARE having very real symptoms that are 'appearing" to be generated from something within the abdominal(esp moreso in the upper GI), can ALSO actually be stemming from something within your spinal levels that easily can generate symptoms not just within the back/neck, but depending what it "is' that can impact the actual spinal cord and the spinal nerves, could actually be showing itself the way this is kind of presenting too. just becasuse any particular pain is NOT actually located within the 'back' or neck areas, does not mean it cannot be related to spinal. trust me on this one hon.

when the front/abdominal is kind of 'ruled out" as a generator by ongoing testing(and esp labs that appear within the norms ranges), you need to start looking at that backside. radiating pain from specific nerves easily can follow what are "dermatomes' of what that particular nerve actually gives it its sensory innervation. belive me, what i have had to actually 'feel" both front and back and 'IN" the upper levels of my body strictly FROM my level of spinal crap has been pretty dam intense. you just really DO need to consider that spinal if nothing gets found that explains your pain and symptoms. it is just another potetntial 'generator" for radiating and other types of pain from something going on within specific spinal levels or nerves too. pain via the nerve interconnections can simply be "referred" from alst of different areas to a specific site like yours is.

i just really wanted you to also be aware of this other possibility that in some cases CAN be a very real underlying generator too. it really just is the "where" you are describing the widespread both front and back type of real hypersensitive pain that truely CAN be from certain spinal impact too that is making me wonder knowing what I have felt with all my c spine level crap too. i hope they can figure this all out and soon for you. see if you can at least obtain a FULL spinal contrasted MRI done on your c spine down to the sacral(FULL spinal, since you are already going to be in that tube anyways, it never hurts to check everything out) just to see what could be within that area that CAN give you the symptoms you are experiencing. or at the very LEAST that full c spine thru the T spine, since this just IS where your more prominant symptoms and esp pain appears to be located and torturing you. hypersensitivity to touch can easily also stem from certain types of impact to sensory spinal nerves or, even more importantly within that actual spinal cord itself by MANY possible "things" we can just have there or even be born with and not KNOW we have til symptoms make us test the area and it gets found, as was in my case. but it at some point this also NEEDS looking into, just to rule it in or out like any other testing does.. marcia
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gall bladder pain, itchy, rib pain

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