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jls826 05-10-2012 10:17 AM

CT Results - liver lesion & excess spleen tissue
Hello Board,

I've received the results of an abd/pel CT - they are:
[INDENT]The left adnexa is prominent with a low density center which may represent an adnexal cyst. Pelvic sonography could be performed for further evaluation.

2.5 cm low attenuation in lesion within the liver near the dome may represent an hemangioma. It is not fully characterized on this noncontrast scan. Sonogram may be helpful if an echogenic focus is demonstrated. MRI can also be performed for further evaluation.[/INDENT]
I'm not too worried about the ovary (adnexa) as I have PCOS and that is consistent with ultrasounds I have done every 6 mos.

Not too sure what to think of the liver lesion. Doctor office said it's nothing to be too worried about....nothing else to explain why I've felt horrible for 18 months...I have never smoked or drank. I do have arthritis and some other muscoloskeletal things but nothing major.


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