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gigi11 05-16-2012 06:42 AM

Fatty Liver
About 3 years ago I had my gallbladder removed. Since then I started to have pains right where my liver is located. They told me I have a slight case of Fatty Liver and that weight loss would get rid of it. Everytime I would get my blood tested my liver enzymes would go up slightly. So for one year I went to every specialist to try to figure why I have pain on the side where my liver was and I was having digestive problems as well. I had an endoscopy, xrays to check for additional stones after they took my gallbladder out. I had a test to see if I had SODs, and they found nothing. I went to a Liver specialist at John hopkins and he did a full blood profiles (6 tubes of blood) to check for heptitus a, b, c and lupus and found nothing. They just told me to do weight watchers to get the weight off.

Can you get rid of fatty liver if it related to being overweight?

The specialist told me that in 2010 and I tried every weight loss plan and it didn't work for me and now it is 2012 and using consultant this time hope it is not too late. I have lost 14 lbs and still need another 100 to go.

I notice when I belch the pain goes away sometimes. I wondering if it gas. I am constipated from this new diet. I just went to my doctor in January and she told fatty liver takes years to get damage to the liver unless you lose weight to eliminate it. So on Monday they draw my blood for my physical and I am so scared they will find all kinds of things wrong with me - I haven't had my blood tested since 1 1/2 ago and it is way overdue and then I go for my physical next thursday - I am so scared.!!!! Terrified.

I did notice my butt area hurts on the right side and it goes up my back and the pain travels to the front of my stomach - I do have scatia nerve problems that flare up would the pain be from that??

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