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MFarry 09-22-2012 06:52 AM

Pregnant with Giant hemangioma's (please advise)
Hi Everyone. I have researched so much. I need some advice please!

I am 22 weeks with a boy on the way:-) and all is good with baby. This is my second child although my first will be 10yrs old when this baby is born. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with 6 lesions in my liver with 2-3 three of them giant 6-5cm and the others around 2-3cm.

My OB is very concerned about growth and spontaneous rupture and I am getting monthly ultrasound for monitoring of the hemangioma. I have an auto immune condition (Lupus) which has not affected my pregnancy but post can flare and I will have to be taking my best care when the hormones are low. Although the last 4 years it has been in somewhat of a remission post pregnancy changes can trigger.

With all this said a more natural delivery is what would be best for me and the OB is so concerned they are for scheduled c-section. I am really looking for feedback on success vaginal birth or recovery post c-section with these lesions and overall health. Also if you had the hemangioma treated surgically during pregnancy. I have pressure and some times shortness of breath. I appreciate it very much.

I want to be a more educated patient and it seems even the doc's are unsure.

Best Regards

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