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Kalikitty 10-09-2012 03:25 PM

Esophageal Varices
I was diagnosed with esophageal varices a year ago and the Doc told me to only "lose weight". I knew nothing about them at the time and could do nothing about it because of insurance. Now my insurance has changed and I went to my Gastro doc and he said if I in fact have varices I have severe liver damage. I am having another EGD tomorrow so he can verify them and I also have a swollen bile duct on ultra sound, upper right abdominal pain, itching, nausea, fatigue and high liver enzyme. Previously I have had very high liver enzymes, blocked bile duct, pancreatitis, gastric ulcer, reflux, enlarged liver.

My question is does anyone have any clue what could be going on? Everything I read sais cirrhosis. My varices were grades small, non-bleeding mild. Please be honest, I can take it. Thanks in advance!

mona904 10-10-2012 10:00 AM

Re: Esophageal Varices
Hi I am no expert - but please see a doctor. my mom started out with the itching and it turned out to be Primary Bilary Cirrhosis. The bile ducts start to break down. I could be wrong - she had the nausea, fatigue - but it was mainly the itching that got to her the most. I got checked out and my doctor said to look for the itching and my liver levels and if I turned jaudice. My mom has lived with it for 15 years with some troubles non very severe - until recently. Look it up and discuss all of your results with your doctor. He can tell you everything and answer way more.

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