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ba kraft 11-17-2012 12:27 PM

pancreatitis with a cyst and a stone or calcification
I have been going through so many tests and so many Drs. the last 2 months. First they were all concerned about a cyst at the head of my pancrease , then this other Dr. noticed a stone or calcification in the pancrease , possibly blocking a duct . Well it is blocking a duct and the one Dr. who I say last week was going to do an ERCP , he called last night and said he couldn't it , because of where the stone is located . He gave me 2 options a trial sphineteromy with a stent and meaning trial he says it may not work at all or only work for 2 -3 months . Which would lead me back to the surgeon and I would have to undergo the whipple operation . There is a cyst on the pancrease also showing a typical , abnormal , neoplasm cells . 3 monnths ago I had a heart attack and had a ( titanuim ) stent placed in one of my main right arteries. I know the surgeon and the Dr. that would be doing either of the operations are concerned about the heart attack as well as my Husband and I are . The Dr. who wants to try the stent also mentioned pancreatic divisum, which I gather means my duct is clogged ?? right ?? My question to all of you is , should I try the trial stent and which I'm concerned about aggravating the pre canercous cells more . or should I just go for the whipple operation and try my best to re-coup and rest and hope for the best . Have any of you or your Family members ever been down this path and given these opitions and if so which direction did they go and how did it turn out ? I'm very confused and nervous. Thank you all so very much .

k2626 11-25-2012 08:32 PM

Re: pancreatitis with a cyst and a stone or calcification
Hi there, I have chronic mild pancreatitis and have had tests for 4 yrs. After several EUS they then said they saw an incomplete divisum. Im confused how the dr has gotten this confused with a stone? A divisum means one of your branches in your pancreas is broken off, hence not connected with the rest so essentailly the juices do not run through this part. I am tested each yr not only because of the pancreatis but because my dad had pancreatic cancer-and so I am very at risk.

It appears they biopsied your cyst? I dont want to alarm you, but did they confirm its not cancer? I would get the whipple and not risk this cyst....ESPECIALLY if it has pre cancer cells-you do NOT want to risk this growing

ba kraft 11-26-2012 05:26 AM

Re: pancreatitis with a cyst and a stone or calcification
Hi , well I have decided along with my Husband and the doctors to try the ercp/stent . I am scheduled next Monday , I am hoping for the best and that this will work and not just be temporary . thank you for your advice and best wishes for you and your health . I am scared and very afraid of having the whipple so I am going to try this and pray and hope for the best result . Sincerely , BA

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