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SeaBunny 08-23-2016 12:40 AM

Asthma Or COPD
I was diagnosed with asthma three years ago.I use my peak flow meter daily but my lungs have not improved.It's always in the red zone at morning and night and only in the yellow zone after using my inhaler but never in the green.My highest reading on a good day is about 230.So usually between 200-230 daily.I never could blow up a balloon ever in my life and was always a sick child.I was never really the active type and would tired easy.I always use to get pains in my chest when running even as a kid and would be out of breath but thought nothing of it till a few years ago when it started getting worse.

I started making"loud OOOO" or"EEEEE" sounds that I could and can not control.It feels as if it comes from my chest and I seem to do it daily and mainly at night.The strange gasping sounds use to be seldom but are now a daily thing.I was told by my doctor to use my inhaler 1-2 hours before physical activity.I had been doing that before my walks but still needed to use my inhaler during and after because I could not breath well still.Taking four breathes from the inhaler within a few hours gave me the shakes so I now use my inhaler 4 hours before my walks and take one breath during and after.I feel out of breath after my walks but things calm down within half an hour.

I get cold easily,mainly hands,feet,and face no matter what time of the year it is.I am pale and can only take walks a few times a week because daily is too much for me.I walk about 1-2 miles.My legs are achy that night.I also have a fast pulse rate which is about 85-90.My blood pressure has always been low-normal:114-124 over 60 sum.I have a heart murmur as well which causes me to have abnormal irregular heart beats but was told it's not dangerous.The only time I felt like I could really breath were the times I was on oxygen after I passed out a few times in my life.This was before I found out I had asthma and I was at the ER because I fainted.

I had to quit my job because it was taking a physical toll on my health.I lost my health insurance as a result so have not been to the doctors for my asthma in over a year.I just wanted some advice if I should see a doctor about changing my meds for my asthma or checking for copd.I didn't want to spend money on seeing a doctor only for them to tell me to keep using my inhaler.As I have no insurance I have to be frugal with my money.So don't want to go to the doctor unless I know for sure it won't be a waste of time and money.Any thoughts or advice?

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