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RabidNewt 09-02-2004 10:52 PM

Question about asbestos exposure...LONG
We live in a home where it has the popcorn ceilings. Our house is very, very old so it is most likely the kind that contains asbestos. Countless times I can remember playing with a ball or something as a kid and hitting the ceiling and the flakey stuff would fall down. It is a very low ceiling (like 8 feet) so it happened often.

Now since these types of ceilings from what i've read only contain 3 to 8% asbestos should I even be concerned? Been living here for almost like 16 or 17 years now.

I have not actually gone in to test the ceiling for asbestos, because honestly do I really want to know? Any damage that has been done has already been done...

I figured only people who worked in the manufactoring and mining were really at risk. *shrug* thats why i'm asking here.

But i've been having some chest pains and symptoms that are kinda odd.

Over a year ago I started having minor chest pains on my left chest. I am only 20 years old so I thought hah it's nothing, it continued off and on for about 4 more months. I thought ahh, maybe I should go to the doc. I did, I felt like an idiot for going there. The doc examined me, normal heart rate, and breathing. But he did suggest I get a cholestral check and an EKG. So he was thinking maybe it was my heart since it was only on my left side. I thought this was all silly and did not follow up on the EKG or blood test (stubborn, stupid...who knows...)

So, some time passes and actually the chest pains start to go away...either that or I had gotten so used to them I didn't really notice or care. We're talking very minor pains...

Then about 4 months after the doctor visit.. I expeirenced a totally new feeling...I woke up one morning and my left lung felt like I was breathing in warm air. Almost as if I wasn't feeling the oxygen...I couldn't say if it was shortness of breath or not because my breathing rate isn't any faster. It's just a numb, warm sensation. When I try to breathe in cool fresh air I just don't feel it. (Only on my left side this occurs).This happened only for a day and a half, and it went away for a month or so.

I have figured out a pattern to all of these symptoms now. It starts off with minor chest pains that are very frequent, almost 80% of the time, fairly constant. This lasts for a week I would say, then on about the 6th, or 8th day of having these pains, the numbness or warm sensation comes to my left side. This numbness will last for 2 or 3 days. Then the numbness totally goes away and the chest pains happen less often. This will last about 3 weeks, and then the cycle repeats itself again.

So it's about a 5 week cycle where i'm mostly just fine, but a week or two of those 5 weeks are when I have my symptoms.

I finally was fed up with it, and went to my doctor again, this time telling him my new sypmtoms, and that the pain has actually spread to my right side now. I told him about the numbness feeling when breathing and how it would always just come and go come and go. He had no idea what the matter was. (I never mentioned the asbestos, because it has not been tested in our home, so I don't even know for sure and it just seems so unlikely)

He actually suggested it might be stress related or panic attacks....Now I do not have a stressfull life, nor do I panic. I'm a very calm person. He then still recommend I take some Zoloft to see if it helps...He said he wanted to rule things out. He also wanted me to do the EKG.

Now i'm only 20 years old, I don't know much about doctor visits, I go there thinking the doc knows what hes doing, I tell him these symptoms he runs tests. I guess if he wants an EKG i'll do it, but it's obviously respitory isn't it? So ya thats my story. What do these symptoms sound like to you?

I still have to wait 3 or 4 weeks until my next doctor visit so he can review the results of the EKG. And see if the zoloft that I refuse to take did

I'm stubburn and I don't like doctors, i'd rather not know whats wrong with me and I tend to put off seeing doc's for a very long time...Mental illness maybe? pfft I dunno, i'm just weird like that.

Anyways to recap on this very long post:
1) Is that type of exposure to asbestos going to affect me at all?
2) What do you think about the symptoms i'm having?

Wow if anyone even read that far, thanks hehe :)

IT" ME 09-09-2004 10:39 AM

Re: Question about asbestos exposure...LONG
Do You Also Smoke? If You Do, You Most Stop-now. There Is A Kind Of Cancer, Though Rare That Usually Only Develops If You Do Have Exposure To Asbestos And Smoke. It Is Called Mesotheleoma Please Check My Spelling) With Or Without Treatment The Mortality Rate Is >95%.
Stop Smoking And Move Away From The Exposure.


RabidNewt 09-13-2004 10:44 PM

Re: Question about asbestos exposure...LONG
No I have never smoked...

And to give you an idea of how fragile this stuff is. I turned on the light the other night and it freaked a moth out and he started going crazy flying into the ceiling, this knocked 2 pieces of the ceiling to the floor....Yes a bug...

We have carpet too which i'm sure is worse than a hard wood floor, as with a carpet you can't just mop it down.

I'm just sad and I don't want to believe any of this. Kinda why I avoid the doctors.

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