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Bjork 12-01-2004 02:26 PM

Can't Get A Breath In!

I've been experiencing something similar to that "air hunger" thing that I have seen in other posts. With me, it's either that I almost "forget" to breathe or that my breaths are so shallow that they make no difference, leading me to try to take a deep breath. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes if I move my shoulders up I can get one breath in. I can usually only get a breath in if I am sitting up straight. Laying down is a horror. It's rare that I get in a nice, deep breath. It's even worse when I try to sing! I like to sing and sing a lot when I am in my car, but am constantly gasping for air. It doesn't sound too pretty :( . I have heard that this may have something to do with stress and I *have* been stressed out lately (along with the rest of my family :( ) , but this problem is constant and has lasted several months. I'm not quite sure when it started. I'd like it to go away. Anyway, should I tell my doctor about this? Is there anything that she can do? I'd really like to be able to breathe normally again! Any help, advice, or whatever would be great!


americansage 12-02-2004 12:55 AM

Re: Can't Get A Breath In!
It could be Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome because prolonged stress can do funny things to the body. I would mention it to your doctor b/c it could be something else. They should rule out more serious possibilities. However, if everything checks out then you should look at prolonged stress exposure as the likely cause. When things are normal we do not think about our breathing. It just happens. Let your doctor know about CHS so as least he is aware of the possibility. He/she may already be familiar, but my own experience was not so easy. I saw alot of doctor's and became frustrated many times over. Eventually, I just learned to live with it b/c I could never find out what the breathing was all about. But, if your doctor thinks your completely ok then CHS might be an explanation and it is not a big deal. It is more a nuisance that can be treated. Either by professional, your own will power, or books. But our breathing is very complex and requires alot of coordination. If it gets out of whack b/c of changing breathing patterns which can result when we are under stress then all sorts of fun things can happen.

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