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g2tegsown 10-07-2005 06:30 AM

Coughing Up Blood in the Morning
Well I just got better after a cold (Not the Flu), I was never really sick i just had a runny nose, and a congested chest. I been keeping an eye on it to see if maybe it was a bacterial infection in my lungs or sinus. Well the sinus has cleared up well, and the lungs are clear too, except in the morning. When I get up in the morning I can "feel" the congestion so I go to the sink and cough it up, however it seems to be a rusty color, and somtimes has spots of blood in it. And this may continue for a few more hacks, then it goes away and I don't see it till the next morning. The time in between I don't have any problems breathing, coughing, or with phlegm/blood.

I have read that maybe a bacterial infection in my lungs may be producing these symptoms, I just don't know cause I'm only coughing in the morning. I had pneumonia last april, and feburary of this year I had coughed up some blood so I went to the doctor and had Blood Work, TB test, Lung X-rays & Examination and everything came back normal. The doctor said it was probably from Post Nasal drip (Which I do suffer from), however this time I know it's coming from my lungs or bronchi.

BTW I am 24/Male

So what do you guys think?

ruthven78 10-09-2005 05:32 PM

Re: Coughing Up Blood in the Morning
I think you need to see your physician........

when your mucus is brown/red or green its a clear sign to go see a doctor. Green/yellowish in color = bacterial infection, though that is not the sole indicator, least that I've heard.

The coughing could be rupturing capilaries which is causing the bleeding, it could be from bronchitis, or any other type of inflamation but the only way to be sure is to take the first step and see your physician.

Every fall I get mycroplasma pneumonia that starts as nasal congestion then travels into my lungs but usually I cough up green stuff if I get that far..this year I got on the biotics early and didnt get any of the green goo.

g2tegsown 10-09-2005 06:14 PM

Re: Coughing Up Blood in the Morning
Well I have gone to the doctor and they started doing the same things that they did last time (X rays, TB Test, Examination). I'm pretty sure that it's not TB cause my PPD is not swelling, and she put me on a zithromax in case I do have an infection. The amount of blood I am coughing out is less overall, but I am starting to do it at night now as well. The blood always seems to be accompanied by what I would call brown phlegm. I get the brown phlegm quite often, and a friend of mine says he also gets the brown phlegm. I do frequently smoke MJ but I do not smoke cigerettes anymore, and I assumed thats what it was. Right after I notice that I am coughing up blood it stops promtly afterwards, and it's just plain old brown phlegm. I don't really notice any yellow or green in it, and I don't really feel congested, I also don't have a cough that lingers around. I've hardly been coughing at all really, so I don't know what the deal is, I'm really starting to get scared though. I guess I will just have to wait for the results of my x rays and pray to god that they are ok. I looked at the x rays myself and I didn't see anything that looked to weird, however the area where the bronchials come into the lungs were very noticable in the right lung. However they didn't look anything like they did when I had pnuemonia last april (2004), I have studied many x rays online and if there is a tumor/cancer it's must be very very small.

kd7cot 10-10-2005 12:36 PM

Re: Coughing Up Blood in the Morning
Note: MJ smoke is just as hard on the lungs as any other type of smoke! Smoke, pollution, chemicals, etc. all cause some damage to the lungs. If you've been having pneumonia too your lungs are injured and the more you have it the mor scarring you'll have. Advanced scarring in the lungs is called Fibrosys, and you don't want that! Please take care of your lungs!
In the x-rays look at the lower lobes for pneumonia, although bronchial-pneumonia is in the upper lobes, where you'd also see bronchitis.

Please forgive the soap boxing above, but I have PF and am rather hyper about taking care of lungs now...


g2tegsown 10-10-2005 06:23 PM

Re: Coughing Up Blood in the Morning
I know... I belive that I am going to give up the MJ no matter how much I love it, becuase life is more important to me than that. I have only had pneumonia twice in my life once when I was very young, and April of 2004. I wasn't aware that pneumonia caused scaring of the lung, when I had it in april it was the top portion of my lung, and it was huge!!! It coverd the entire top half of my lung, the doctor said it was incredibly bad for anyone to have, super bad for my age. I am currently waiting for the report of my X ray, my TB test was negative some it's not TB. The amount of blood I am coughing is decreasing along with the congestion, the doctor has me a on a zithromax, which I finshed today so I hope it was just an infection and I plan on taking much better care of my lungs that for sure.

kd7cot 10-11-2005 11:21 AM

Re: Coughing Up Blood in the Morning
Good luck, you can make it!!!


ruthven78 10-11-2005 06:39 PM

Re: Coughing Up Blood in the Morning
Well the brown phlem could be blood, just older than newer. When its fresh and bright red they call it "frank" blood. So it just means that before you cough it up the blood has had tie to age and turn brown. Or the phlem could be a collection of pollutants from the MJ smoke. MJ smoke is actually worse on your lungs than tobacco smoke because that its mostly unfiltered and at a hotter temperature. I have tried MJ when I was in high school so I can relate 1 on 1 with that. The MJ could be causing irritation or other damage to your lung tissues that is causing the bleeding. Chronic blood in your sputum (mucus) is never a good thing. If your doctor asks you if you smoke, you should answer him honestly and tell him you have been smoking MJ and how long as you tell your doctor as it relates to your care, he has to abide by the doctor-patient confidentiality laws or he risks loosing his license. If you dont tell him he may not be able to effectively treat you or send you for unecessary testing which just makes you or your insurance pay more money when its not needed. Coughing can cause the small blood vessels called capilaries in your lungs to break and bleed a little too. Thinking back to the physical properties of the actual act of smoking MJ, that could cause vessels to rupture like when you try to hold the smoke in as long as possible and your body is jerking in a coughing fashion.

Mind you I am just a beginning respiratory care student. You dont want to end up with emphysema or worse where you have to live with having to be on oxygen. You dont want to end up like this guy

kd7cot 10-12-2005 10:58 AM

Re: Coughing Up Blood in the Morning
Eeek! that guy is me! Well not my picture, but same diff.

Ruthven78 is right, you don't want it!!! (I'll get to be off it when I have a lung transplant...) Mind you there are worse things than being on Oxygen, but it's a major hassle. If one can keep them selves from needing it they absolutely should!


HiTech-Hate 10-31-2005 02:47 PM

Re: Coughing Up Blood in the Morning
Though I dont advocate or condone the use of MJ have you ever considered investing in a vapourizer? Though its probably still not as good for your lungs as not smoking at all, using a vapourizer to smoke MJ is MUCH MUCH better for your lungs then conventional smoking. Just a thought.

DrGreeNThumb 01-29-2007 02:32 PM

Re: Coughing Up Blood in the Morning
i have these same problems i feel great and went through zpak and another precription for infection and i am still coughing up brownish mucus i also smoke MJ but havent for lil over a week now.......i dont know what this is? but its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any suggestions??

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