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  • Post-surgery, still experiencing nasal congest., & difficulty breathing through mouth

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    DJBucs2005 HB User
    Post-surgery, still experiencing nasal congest., & difficulty breathing through mouth

    I don't want to give too much info, or too little, just a happy median. I'll let some of you ask questions.

    My breathing problem both through my nose and mouth started at the same period in seventh grade. I first noticed it shortly after I had a severe nosebleed in the winter of '99-'00. I would like to say the nosebleed was caused by a injury to the face, but I can not say with absolute certainty that it was. I have been hit in the face with a basketball though on more than one occassion. I thought my symptoms would be alleviated by getting surgery-namely the removal of my tonsils, adenoids, turbinates, somnoplasty (shrinkage of the back of my tongue), and septoplasty (correction of a deviated setpum). No help though.

    EDIT: I was looking online at the site for my health insurance for an assignment in my psychology class, and I noticed that under "Referral Inquirty" for the ENT that did the surgery on me, the only procedures listed were, REPAIR OF NASAL SEPTUM, RESECTION INFERIOR TURBINATE, REMOVE TONSILS & ADENOIDS. Not the shrinkage of the back of my tongue like he told me he would. Don't know if that would make a big difference, just thought it was a bit shady. Maybe he changed his mind or the site just did not list it?

    It feels like I can't get enough air in my lungs. I had a test done where I had blow real hard even when it feels like I can't blow anymore...anyone know what I'm talking about? I've had doctors look in my nose and throat with a scope. They found nothing.

    My nose does feel congested though all the time, and that may factor into it too and make the problem worse..perhaps. I have a nasal cycle--I believe. Most of the time it is my right nostril that is more congested, but my left nostril is more congested at times. However, both nostrils are at least somewhat congested at all times. What may this indicate?

    A few weeks after surgery on May 3rd, I started having quite some trouble with nasal irritation and nasal drip for a few weeks. However, I have not experienced any nasal drip for about 2 weeks now at the time of this post and experience nasal irritation every couple of days or so. I thought this may indicate allergies. I have been tested just for four "things" (I honestly don't know what the heck they were-it was a few years ago). I may still have allergies though (my brother and two aunts have/had them).

    I've also tried taking Prilosec OTC, to no avail (father has acid reflux).

    It could be a number of problems. Lungs? Allergies--with allergies, would the problem be constant? I've been told it would not. Nasal polyps (once again, have had doctors look into my nose and throat). It could be my turbinates? Who knows? I don't! I'm open to considerations..or any tests that should be considered either based upon the info I've provided or can provide!!

    Any advice as to what symptoms I may want to pay close attention to would be appreciated if you may suspect something.. I tend to just block out certain symptoms sometimes or not really make a mental note of it..due to just a not so great memory and other reasons--such as a lack of progress and answers from doctors. I think "What the heck is the use? I tell them about a certain symptom, and they just seem to shrug me off like..'Uh huh..that's nice' "

    As always, with kind regards,

    David J.

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    DJBucs2005 HB User
    Re: Post-surgery, still experiencing nasal congest., & difficulty breathing through mouth

    I'm going to try bumping this up. I would love to be on a constant mission to figure out this breathing problem, but I find that when I do--it emotionally drains me. I will stay up at night thinking about it, wondering if I'll ever find the answers. If I do..will it be too late? Will there be some kind of permanent damage done? Heck, at this point, I'd take anything better than this. I used to enjoy exercising, now it's like a drudge. When I get to a certain point..that point where I'd be able to push myself and keep going even though I would be panting...but now it's a different story. I want to....but my body just will just NOT enable me to.

    An update to my previous post if you are kind enough to be reading this. I had another echocardiogram on my heart. Nothing showed. It is so hard to remain positive and keep pushing. The $10 co-pays and half hour plus waits for a 15-20 minute appointment don't make me any more eager to seek out answers and make an appointment with a doctor either.

    I don't know where to go next. I would like to believe the surgery was a success, and if what was intended to correct a perceived problem was done correctly, I can rule out those causes. Should I look into allergies? Maybe another ENT? I believe I have seen all (three) ENT's in my current network. Not sure if there are anymore. Perhaps though.

    I try to look at this way though: All I can do is try. If I live my life without ever getting this problem solved, can I at least look myself in the mirror and say I honestly did my part--all that I could? I don't know if I can yet..but I definitely can say I HAVE tried pretty hard. There's just not too much to show for it now.

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    t_411 HB Usert_411 HB Usert_411 HB User
    Re: Post-surgery, still experiencing nasal congest., & difficulty breathing through mouth

    Go see an allergy doctor. You might have food allergies which could cause polyps on the back of your tongue sort of deeper into the back of your mouth. I had these off and on for years and just thought they were big tastebuds... But I was wrong. My allergy doc saw it and told me right away. I did allergy testing recently (I'm 31, by the way) and found I was allergic to a lot of different foods, animals, tree's, grass, etc...
    The allergy test SUCK but it's worth it. It's pretty painful... I had over 80 small shots in my back during the test but it had to be done to see what exactly I was allergic too....
    If they give your shots onto your back, request they don't give them over the spine or shoulder blades cause those areas hurt like crazy.
    They can work around it...... My nurse did (after 1/2 way through I told her it was killin me and she said she could work around those areas).

    Anyway, polyps on the back of tongue are a sign of food allergies and they can in some people get big enough to make it hard to get air.
    I had adult onset asthma at age 31 which is weird cause it most often comes on in peoples 20's if it happens as an adult.
    But I've been to a gastroenterologist, allergy specialist & pulmonologist so far and they all seem to think it's something different... uggg.... so, i'm getting pumped full of medicines for now. I just started my allergy shots and had worse asthma symptoms after it so, I've put them off till I can see the allergy doc again and get my shots weakened a bit.

    I'm on nexium 40mg 1x daily, singulair, azmacort inhaler, xoponex inhaler.
    My allergy doc tried to switch me to advair inhaler which has 2 medicines in it, 1-corticosteroid & salmeterol.... Salmeterol has been linked to 4 out of 5 asthma related deaths and the package insert says it may increase asthma related death, etc... it also says it should only be used if there is no other inhalers that work well for your asthma so, what they heck he wants me to take it for, i have no idea...!

    I'm not taking it though, cause I do fine on xoponex and either azmacort or qvar....

    I hope you find the answers you seek............ Good luck

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