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Jasthma 06-17-2007 12:47 PM

Does Asthma &/or Chronic Bronchitis cause hyperventillation?
Hi, I have had asthma for probably 20 years, but it was only diagnosed 5 years ago. It was under control until I began having bronchitis several times a year - and it wouldn't go away for 6 weeks - 3 mo. That's when I got the diagnosis for asthma, and my pulmonologist finally declared me having chronic bronchitis.

One of my worst symptoms is going from SOB to hyperventilation very quickly. I'm not doing much physical activity to cause it, but it often happens due to by exertion of any kind.

I am on a lot of meds already - Advair 500/50, Singular 10 mg., Flonase, Zyrtec & Albuterol. It takes several courses of Albuterol to stop the hyperventilation.

I'm calm as a cucumber most of the time - I've suffered from chronic depression all my life, and it is well controlled with meds that also cover anxiety. I've used Niravam to see if that curbs the hyperventilation, and it doesn't. So my shrink says it isn't caused by anxiety.

But of course, my general doc and my allergist think it's psychosomatic. My pulmonary doc does not - he thinks that when you exert yourself too much when you have SOB, that can easily cause hyperventilation.

Do any of you have this?

My asthma is not well controlled these days, and I'm being tested for various other things to try to get it better controlled. However, I'm losing time from work and missing out on activities I like. I exercise daily for a short time - on my elliptical machine, I can go for 7 min. 10 min sets off an attack of SOB & hyperventilation. Sooooo frustrating to have to change my life for this. How common is this? It sounds like you all have a lot of issues with daily living due to your conditions. Geeze, how do you ever accept it?:confused:



tuddy22 06-23-2007 07:23 AM

Re: Does Asthma &/or Chronic Bronchitis cause hyperventillation?
I hear that sea salt put in boiling water and breathing in the steam helps to open up air ways.

hypatia 06-23-2007 08:14 AM

Re: Does Asthma &/or Chronic Bronchitis cause hyperventillation?
In smokers, chronic bronchitis is considered chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, but I don't know if you smoke. For those of us with COPD, pursed lip breathing (PLB) is invaluable. We can get the oxygen in fine, but are unable to exhale all of it--thus we keep bringing in more and more and it 'stacks' in the diagrapham causing shortness of breath. Try breathing in for the count of four and gently exhaling (like blowing out a candle) to the count of 8. This also helps rid us of excess CO2. It's wonderful for shortness of breath, especially during exercise, but takes some practice.

Has your oxygen level been checked with the pulse oximeter on your finger?

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