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bevann26 06-30-2007 04:06 PM

COPD anyone?
i was diagnosed with copd about 12 yrs ago. have made several attempts to quit smoking since then, with 4 mos. being my longest quit. i have now been smoke free since 6/26.
i have had an emergency inhaler all those yrs., but find i'm using it more since my quit?
i'm afraid i waited to long to quit smoking, already having fully damaged lungs.
any words about permanent lung damage to a 57 yr old, 42 yr smoking?
i was hoping to not need the dreaded oxygen in the future, but am very nervous thinking this quit came to late.


hypatia 06-30-2007 05:05 PM

Re: COPD anyone?
Now that you've quit smoking, there's no better time to schedule an appt. with a pulmonology dr. for a complete evaluation and pulmonary function testing to determine just how serious your COPD is. Do you know if you have chronic bronchitis (usually involves much mucous and coughing) or emphysema? There are newer inhalers available such as Spiriva, Advair and Foridil.

While COPD isn't reversible, quitting smoking will greatly reduce its progression. Exercising is also extremely beneficial to the lungs.

bevann26 07-01-2007 07:59 AM

Re: COPD anyone?
thanks, a pulmonary a good idea. i won't be back home til end of summer but will call one then.
i have very seldom gotten bronchitis, which is strange with a lung problem...emphysema was not mentioned, so i don't know about that.
i know exercise is important for lung function...problem being i am physically disabled and cannot get much exercise. i do get outside every day though, hoping fresh air will help.
still wondering why i'm more congested since i quit smoking? don't get it.


BlueDiamond 07-02-2007 11:31 PM

Re: COPD anyone?

My brother is a Respiratory Therapist and he explained it to me like this:

Smoking dries out your lungs. The body is alway producing mucous to keep things moving freely. Since all the years of smoking, your body has to "over-produce" the mucuous just to keep it at a normal amount.

Now that you've quit smoking, your body is STILL over-producing the mucous. That's what it is used to doing for years and years. And since you are no longer smoking, your lungs aren't being dried out. This causes quite a bit of congestion. ALOT of congestion, even to the point where your chest might feel heavy.

It does go away. But your body now has to get used to you not smoking. Probably will take at LEAST a month.

So.......hopefully you can hang in there and the congestion will eventually go away.

Good luck with the no cigs! Keep up the good work! :angel:

bevann26 07-06-2007 02:52 PM

Re: COPD anyone?
thanks for the knowledge, it helped me understand what was happening with the congestion. i have been 10 days quit now and congestion is getting better.
i'm also wondering if i will need oxygen in the future or if my lungs will stay the way they are now, having quit smoking?
i thought i would have had more replies on here because it is a lung board, and i posted the copd question. maybe copd is'nt a bad problem on these boards?
thankyou for responding to me...........bevann

Howitt44 07-06-2007 04:57 PM

Re: COPD anyone?
I have always wondered about that also. People that have COPD and quit smoking - there is obvious damage, but will the damage progress even if you quit smoking? It seems to me that it would halt the damage. I know that damaged lung tissue cannot repair, but maybe it will not progress. Let's hope not. I have asthma and have some lung damage from that. I have never smoked though.

jackcc 07-08-2007 04:33 PM

Re: COPD anyone?
I'm surprised you were diagonosed with COPD 12 years ago and only have inhalers to help when you have trouble breathing. The fact that you're using the inhaler more often than before means you need other medications. One turning point with COPD is usually the inability to do something you used to do but now have trouble doing. For me it was climbing stairs. Or just walking. Or exercising. Being disabled might keep you from realizing how you're effected in this way. I refused to quit smoking for a long time after I was told to quit. I just loved to smoke. I was an expert smoker. I smoked everywhere all the time. I could even smoke in the shower. I can't tell when you quit smoking. Was it in June? Last month? The lungs are destroyed by smoking and they don't get better after quitting. They might gradually get worse with time. Oxygen doesn't come into the picture until later. Its not so bad. I sleep with oxygen and carry a little oxygen tank when I walk. It keeps me going. The pulmanary doctor will take care of you. Not an MD, but a real pulmanary doctor.
Congradulation on quitting smoking. Don't ever light up another cigarette. Thats the worst thing you can do at this point. I used jelly beans to quit. When I wanted a smoke I put a jelly bean in my mouth. I had bags of jelly beans. My wife used lemon drops. Anything to replace the cig. Be determined and don't give up. Eventually you will lose the urge to smoke. Always fight that urge. You may not be as bad off as you think and the day when you need oxygen could be a long long time from now. Maybe never. Good luck to you. And remember can do it.

Canyondweller 07-08-2007 10:45 PM

Re: COPD anyone?
Your lung function should now just decrease the same as in a person without COPD. The only problem is we have less left to decrease so sometimes it can become a problem down the road but with proper meds to help preserve lung function and heart you should be fine for a very long time if you don't smoke again. If you do all bets are off.

If you were diagnosed with COPD you have emphysema or chronic bronchitis which you mentioned that you don't have. Frankly I wish they would get rid of the COPD term as it is confusing. Sometimes with irrreversible asthma some Doctors include it in COPD but now always. Pulmonary function tests will identify what you have and is something all people should have.

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