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gidlatrade 07-12-2007 04:20 PM

Health Effects of Cooking Oils
When I clean the oven-range fan and hood, I notice alot of oil residue/build-up. I do alot of cooking for my family and, even with the windows open and range fan, the house gets a bit smokey. I have had asthma and allergy symptoms in the past, but all tests were fine. However, I am concerned that we are breathing all this oil, and although it may be healthy to consume olive/canola oils and butter substitutes, I don't think that inhalation is healthy. I occasionally get chest congestion or chest-cold type symptoms, and guaifenesin seems to help.
Have any studies been done about this sort of thing, or is this going to be the next mesothelioma or environmental health hazard no one knew about? Is this a known issue already? I can't seem to find any news links about this type of question anywhere.
I have begun cooking at medium heat to prevent smoking the oil, and I've considered wearing a pianter's mask when I saute fish for the week, but that seems excessive. However, there have been occasions where I or others cough quite a bit, and I do take guaifenesin fairly often.
Sorry if I'm in the wrong message board, but I'm new, and the diet section wasn't appropriate.

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