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Ladytaxi 04-14-2010 09:02 PM

Need info, friend in ICU
My friend came down with a cold. She went to the DR and got anti-biotics. 3 days later she was no better and actually worse. She went to the ER and they admitted her.

They thought she had pneumonia. She kept getting worse. They put her on a respirator and induced a coma. She was doing better, so they did a trechiotomy and inserted tubes. Monday they put her feeding tube in her stomach to clear the airways hoping she would breathe on her own.

Last night she had a set back. Her husband noticed blood around her trech. He asked them about it and they said it was just leaking. He called the Dr and they found out the blood was coming from her lungs. They are now saying her lungs have hardened from the respirator. Called it Pullmunary adema.

I went to see her tonight for the first time. Her husband put me on as her sister so I could visit her. She was swelled up like a balloon. I touched her hand and it was dry and felt squishy. I asked her husband about her fluid intake. He tells me that the nurses are telling him she is putting out as much if not MORE than her intake. I find that hard to believe. He says they tell him the swelling is from the respirator.:confused:

So far we know she does not have pneumonia, but they are saying she has ARD (Adult Repiratory Disease). Her oxygen level has fluctuated all the way down to 34 up to 100. Her odds are against her as she also has diabetes.

I don't understand, with all the technology we have, why they do not know what is wrong with her! She has never had any problems with her lungs that I know of. Her Husband has COPD and is on oxygen. It is scary not knowing what is wrong with her.:eek:

Can anyone tell me if a respirator can cause you to retain fluid all through your body? And is ARD just something they put on her chart because they don't know what is wrong with her, or is it a Real disease.
I might add that she has Fibermyalgia too. But other than that she was healthy and vibrant till this hit her. I don't think she has Swine flu since she is not in quarantine.

I would appreciate anything you all can tell me about this.

Mari526 04-15-2010 08:23 AM

Re: Need info, friend in ICU
First of all, I'm really sorry to hear about your friends illness.

Yes, ARDS (Adult respiratory distress syndrome) is a very serious reaction to lung damage. The "cold" your friend had was the first symptom of the disease process.

It causes multiple problems such as pulmonary edema and overall edema as your friend is experiencing. It is also very difficult to manage.

Even though, we are a technically advanced society the bottom line will be based on whether her bodily systems are able to respond to the treatments.

I'm sure they are trying to remove the excess fluid by adding diuretics, but ultimately it will depend on the ability of her kidneys in removing fluid that will determine the success of this attempt.

As far as the respirator causing the edema that may be indirectly true. I don't want to get overly detailed, but her blood perfusion is impaired for a number of reasons and that will decrease the body's ability to get rid of excessive fluids.

Unfortunately, only time will tell.

Ladytaxi 04-15-2010 10:36 AM

Re: Need info, friend in ICU
Thank you for your reply. After I posted I did some research on my own, and everything you posted is true. I guess we just have to pray that God will let the medicine work and bring her back to us. Thank you so much for explaining things to me.:angel:

grandma2o2girls 04-15-2010 06:25 PM

Re: Need info, friend in ICU
Please keep us updated on how your friend is doing. I am so sorry.


Ladytaxi 04-19-2010 07:00 AM

Re: Need info, friend in ICU
I am sad to report that my friend passed away yesterday at 5am. The only thing they could tell us is she had ARD. We know she had Diabetes and Fibermyalgia, but other than that she was healthy.

Like me, she was a taxi driver, and she told her husband that she had some people in her van that were on Spring Break going to the beach and they were sick. Two days later she came down with a cold. 3-4 days later she was no better and went to the ER. They admitted her and the next day she was on a respirator and was put into an induced coma. She was that way until she passed.:angel:

When I went to see her I knew she was not coming out of it. She was full of fluid. I said my good-byes as I felt she would not make it. Even though he stayed optimistic, I don't really believe he thought she would make it at that point. He called the next day and said her oxygen level had dropped to 73-74. And she was gone the next day.:angel:

Being the only females on day shift we became Taxi Sisters. lol I was already missing her while she was in the hospital, now that she is gone I will miss her even more.:(

I really want to tell EVERYONE that if you are sick and have a cold PLEASE stay home, or if you HAVE to go places Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze! Some people have very low tolerance to your germs!!!:eek:

rosequartz 04-19-2010 07:19 AM

Re: Need info, friend in ICU
I'm so sorry you lost your friend......
sending healing thoughts out to you and her loved ones.

landlady12 04-24-2010 07:36 PM

Re: Need info, friend in ICU
so very sorry to hear your friend died. i really understand how you must feel. my mum died 6 months ago and its so hard to cope with. all my thoughts are with you and your friends family. deepest symphathy to you all, so sad. x

Mari526 04-25-2010 01:32 AM

Re: Need info, friend in ICU

I'm also very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. My condolences to you and her family.

You bring up a very good point about exposing others to respiratory illness, if sick please stay home. Cover your mouth when coughing and carry hand sanitizer. I've known some people who went to the extent of wearing a mask so they wouldn't pass on their respiratory illness to others. Doing all of these things could have prevented your friends illness.

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