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laureng81 11-02-2010 06:20 AM

2 mm nodule ..what to do
Hi all

I was searching google and saw this site and thought it might help..first for about 3 years i have been getting chest pains and feeling short of breath and dizzy, not all the time but on and off. i got a CT scan done in sept 2009 and this was the findings.. within the right middle lobe is a 2mm nodule present within the lateral segment, likely representing an inflammatory nodule, no pleural effusion is seen.. my doctor did not explain what this means to me at all, just said its nothing ( but he looked half asleep and very uninterested in any questions i had ), it may be nothing but i have no clue where to go next or what it is from.. also the findings said at the level of the origin of the CELIAC TRUNK there is an annular, smooth narrowing noted.. the spleen demonstrates inhomogeneous contrast enhancement, most likely due to the arterial phase of this study.. I know this is a long post but I dont seem to be improving and all my doctor said is take Cartia tablet ( asprin ) and he just doesnt know what it is..i am getting worried..any advise or knowledge on any of these matters would be great :) THANKS GUYS

sstrangee 11-04-2010 02:13 PM

Re: 2 mm nodule ..what to do
Hello. I went to the same thing and unnecessary worry.

I had a CT Scan done back in March 2010 for a lump found on my right side (which turned out to be a Lipoma.. which has gone away since). During the study of the area they found a 2mm nodule in the left lung.

Normally, I would have never known about this, but I picked up the CT Scan reports myself from the radiologist to see what my report said. I read this and initially freaked out.

So I scheduled an appointment with a pulmonologist (lung doctor). While I was in the office, he looked at the CT Scan and said, "I hope you're not visiting me over this 2mm nodule?" and I said, "Yes." and he only laughed. He basically said that 2mm nodules are SO common that you can take 10 people randomly off the street, CT Scan them and 8 of them will have 2mm nodules. He also informed me that most doctors won't even mention the nodules unless they are 5mm or bigger -- at this point, they'll be able to spot them on X-ray and CT Scans won't be necessary.

I wouldn't worry too much about them if it is only 2mm. Just make a scheduled follow up with your doctor 6 months down the road. More than likely, the nodule with be gone.

Hope that helps.

hypatia 11-05-2010 05:33 PM

Re: 2 mm nodule ..what to do
Have to agree with SStrange here. Before my CT scan last year, my dr. warned that nodules might show up and she was so right...I have four; one is 5 mm and the others are 4 mm, but neither of us are concerned. The nodules could very well be scar tissue and she said we will just monitor them with a CT scan every six months or so. I'm thinking it wouldn't hurt to wait a year (especially since they are now warning of bad radiation effects from CT scans). Of course, if they grow or change shape, a pet scan or biopsy may be necessary. But why worry at this point.

Sunsetnan 11-06-2010 08:44 AM

Re: 2 mm nodule ..what to do
I would have been inclined to mirror your answers. But, tell me if in my case, I am over reacting? I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia. Last winter, I was sick with a resp infection and then had the H1N1 vaccine, and then had another resp infection not long after that.

Then, I got really sick. I was having severe chills and shaking uncontrollably and having hot flashes, too. I had some other things going on and now my Fibro is in a flare.

They did a CT scan to rule out another problem and found a 9 mm nodule and some scarring in my lower lobe. I figured it was just from the bad infections. The repeat CT (8 mo later) showed that the nodule had grown to 12 mm and there were three more at 3, 5, and 7mm, now in both lower lobes and scarring. So, it concerned my doctors enough to do a PET scan and that was negative for a malignancy.

So, I was happy with that, but the results suggested the cause as a remote granulomatous disease and recommended a follow up CT scan in 3 mo. Okay, I was thinking maybe that was just a fancy word for scarring from the resp infections, but why were they growing and multiplying? So, I looked up the granulomatous disease, and began to get concerned because I have an autoimmune disease and there are some possibilities that the growing nodules could be due to some bad things that would require a quick intervention/ treatment.

My nurse practitioner pretty much blew off my concerns although she said they were valid, and wants me to make an appointment with the doctor. So, I wait another two weeks.

I was ready to be happy with your reasoning. In fact, I wanted it to be nothing. I really don't have any symptoms, and don't want any added radiation. I've had two CT scans and a PET scan within 9 mo. But, my concern is why it grew and multiplied, and do I really have to zap myself with radiation again and wait the 3 mo. allowing them to grow even more?

Other possibilities with my history are TB, sarcoidosis, interstitial lung disease (they thought that I had this at one time), and Valley Fever, most of which a simple skin test can be done to rule out. So, granted you don't want to worry needlessly, and I know that it is a slim chance that it could be any of these other problems, but don't you think that if they were found to be growing, that further non- invasive testing would be in order?

I know this is long, but consider this. I had symptoms of urinary frequency and urgency. I had a urine test that showed blood, but negative for a bladder infection. But, I was still having symptoms. The doctors didn't want to do anymore because it wasn't an infection. Well, I have Fibro and interstitial cystitis is common. Maybe that was the cause, and they could have prescribed a medication for the bladder cramping to ease my symptoms. Just because it wasn't an infection, doesn't mean it doesn't warrant finding out the cause of the symptoms. It's been miserable having to go to the bathroom so often. They rule out the typical problems but don't follow up with relieving the symptoms or finding out another cause.

I'll get off my soap box, now. Does anyone agree with me?
Best Regards,

hypatia 11-06-2010 02:18 PM

Re: 2 mm nodule ..what to do
I totally agree with you, Sunsetnan. I would be a basket case in your shoes and demanding every test possible and as soon as possible! Are you close to a teaching hospital? They seem to be most up to date on all diseases and treatments. Hopefully you have good insurance.

Sunsetnan 11-07-2010 08:14 AM

Re: 2 mm nodule ..what to do
[QUOTE=hypatia;4618185]I totally agree with you, Sunsetnan. I would be a basket case in your shoes and demanding every test possible and as soon as possible! Are you close to a teaching hospital? They seem to be most up to date on all diseases and treatments. Hopefully you have good insurance.[/QUOTE]

Thank you so much for your response. I didn't mean to take over the thread. My apologies. I'm not close to anything. I have to drive 2 hours to see my doctor. (We moved 4 years ago, and wanted to keep our doctors) The nearest tertiary care center of any significance is 4 hours away.

I have good insurance for the moment. I am going thru a divorce and will lose some of that when the final papers are signed. So, if tests or treatment is necessary, getting it done sooner is better all around. I do have Medicare as a secondary thru my Social Security Disability, but would guess my options and coverage will be much worse, then.

I will just pray that the nodules will not grow or multiply anymore, and wait the two weeks to see my doctor. Since, I'm not symptomatic, I will take that as a good sign. I'm under a lot of stress right now, and have several chronic illnesses, and things like this are just adding to it. Thanks again for letting me vent.
Best Regards,

laureng81 11-09-2010 04:49 AM

Re: 2 mm nodule ..what to do
hey guys...thanks for the replies...they are helpfull...when i had my ct scan was back in sept 09 this is why i was wondering if i should have a follow up...i had a chest xray before that and nothing showed..then this scan and the 2mm showed up ..initially the scan was for recurring chest pains and dizzyness i had been having for a few years...One doctor said its nothing, one said it could be something but the ct scan is so much radiation that it actually has a 2 in 2000 chance of getting a cancer ( especially being a female).... i think i should have a follow up scan to make sure..what do you all think???? also sunsetnan...i go to the toilet alot....i wake up about 5 times a night to go, i always feel like i have a full bladder...not sure if that is anything...i have done the heart stress test on the bike where you cycle while it gets harder and go until you cant anymnore to see if it puts any stress on my heart but it said it was chest feels like it is beeting then stops..hurts then my heart flickers then goes normal...but i just got concerned about the nodule, and think i should get a second scan done as its been 14 months now to see if it is still the same, gone or bigger..:)

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