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someoldbloke 08-28-2011 01:38 PM

will i ever stop coughing !!
after 54 years of good health and active life ie running 10ks , cycling and general hard work , i have found myself plagued by throat problems. last winter we had horrendous weather here and as a country postman i continued working through christmas period with terrible cold /flu ( i am of the generation that wouldn,t like to let people down ) and since then i have been down to the quack more times than the rest of my life. i feel a bit of a fraud as a times i feel fine but if i cough once i,m off for hours sometimes i,ll cough for 5 hours only stopping when i,m so tired i just get dissy and so short of breath that i nearly pass out. i have had all the usual checks for asthma and am not allergic to any of the usual triggers but rather seem to present the same symptoms as asthma . i would agree with my doctors that i have hypersensitive throat and lungs , a course of penicillin as a last attempt to kill any infection seems to have finially stopped the annoying tickle feeling in my throat and i am taking brown ( steroid inhalor ) twice in the morning and twice at night . thankfully while these measures have alleviated coughing fits . i seem to still be producing too much phlem and feel as so i need to clear my throat all the time , worse through the night and in the morning but if i try to use an expectorant it just rips my throat to bits and i,m back to square one again !!
my dear wife is non stop bringing lemon and honey drinks ,sweets etc but this has been going on for nearly 9 months and its really getting me down now , so has anyone any ideas that could help me ,cheers ma dears

Apollo123 08-28-2011 02:02 PM

Re: will i ever stop coughing !!
Hiya. Yes last winter was certainly a bad one. As such a lot of people had some very nasty bugs and my farther like you had a cough that didnt or wouldnt go. He is ok now, but it took a while.
If your coughing up phelm then your doctor needs to look at this further. Somtimes phelm production is about clearing the lungs out for the better, in other cases it can be somthing that needs further investigations. A Spirometry test would be a good start ( if you have smoked, then certainly its a must ) and im hoping you have had an chest X-ray?
I would certainly go back to the doctors and get the above tests and more so if your phelm has yellow or green in colour.
Also, dont forget you can get the flu jab, and if you have any kind of weak chest its a must nowdays.
Sorry i cant speculate more, but really testing to rule anything out is the way forward.

janewhite1 08-28-2011 06:23 PM

Re: will i ever stop coughing !!
This is going to sound sort of weird.

Do you use a spacer with your brown inhaler? Does it feel like your throat is sore?

Steroid inhalers are a miracle drug in my book. They are the absolute best thing for any lung inflammation, and they gave me my life back after a sudden bad bout of asthma.

However, they do have one annoying little side effect. They can irritate the throat, or prolong existing irritation. If it seems like sore throat is the main problem, ask your doctor about a spacer for the inhaler. It sort of spreads the medicine through a larger volume of air, and the result is that more ends up in the lungs and less sticks to the throat where it can cause irritation. I can only tolerate my asthma medicine with the spacer.

I hope you feel better soon!

someoldbloke 08-29-2011 03:32 AM

Re: will i ever stop coughing !!
thanks very much for your interest and advice ,yes the steroid inhaler seems to have helped me a great deal ,but i think it was the course of penicillin that finally stoped tickle in back of throat which started me coughing which then spirals into coughing fit ,after looking at a lot of other postings i have found many illnesses i haven`t even heard of !! but am now wondering if the root cause of my problem is in fact over production of mucus or at least some coming from my sinuses as i can make this fit in with my problems ,but i `m i just doing this to make an answer if you know what i mean i have found a link to some homeopathic remedy which claims to reduce the amount of mucus without drying out the throat so i`m off to order that. will post back later with any comments about this .

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