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Chickencat 09-17-2011 11:18 PM

Restrictive Lung now DNR?
I have severe restrictive lung following accident and multiple surgeries. My lung volumes are about at 50% now. I've been on a ventilator now a few times and I'm not getting better, just worse. On oxygen and barely have enough air to speak now a lot of the time.

To anyone with Restrictive Lung problems, can you tell me if you get better or at least level off? This has been a few years for me now and I've done or currently doing everything I can to improve my lung situation but nothing is helping.

I'm seriously considering a Do-Not-Resuscitate decision because I don't want to put my family through much more and it's clear now that I'm not getting better, just barely hanging on.

It appears that there isn't much "therapy" for my type of restrictive lung because it is all anatomically related.

Anyone with restrictive lung improve? If so, please if you can tell me what you did, I would very much be grateful.


Chickencat (newbie)

writeleft 09-17-2011 11:41 PM

Re: Restrictive Lung now DNR?

First, welcome to the HealthBoards. This has been a special place for me as I recovered from 4 strokes about 8 years ago. After receiving so much support and friendship during my recovery, I have stayed around to give some back.

Your post caught my eye, as we just had to make the same decision for my mother in the last week. It is a very difficult as a personal decision, but to have to make it for a loved one is literally excruciating. If you can find an answer that you are at peace with, and make with great thought and self examination, I would say that you would be doing your loved ones a great service.

I Imagine that you have the best understanding of the actual experience of being on life support breathing, and how that would be as a way to live...

My mother just collapsed with exhaustion after my father falling ill, and broke her neck 20 days ago. Since then she has been on life support breathing, and we chose not to allow her to be permanently attached to a breathing machine. A heartbreaking and painful decision we have made. Is our decision right?

I give you all the support and love I can send through this message.

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