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gewakefie 01-20-2012 11:39 PM

phnuemothorax recurrence anxiety?
hi everybody,

2 and a half years ago i has a spontaneous phnuemothorax on my left lung that was wrongly diagnosed in a and e as plueracy, a week later after x ray came back i got an alerting answerphone message from the hospital telling me to get in asap, lung was collapsed around 20 percent, he offered to needle out the air but i refused and it healed on its own...

i was 19, smoker, skinny - not tall

about 6 months later same lung collapsed again around 30 percent i think...

again refused tube and reinflated in around 1-2 weeks...

what i need to know guys is that its been nearly 2 years sin ce it last happened, unfortunately i havent packed in the fags yet idiot i know but plan to and have cut down alot, but i cxant stop feeling anxious to weather its gonna go again, i mean they cant give you an answer, cant an e xray pick up blebs or whatever they are? its like a ridiculous waiting game, and i dont get the re currence rates the way they are written everywhere when they say that theres a 30percent chance without treatment or after [2 years ect

so could someone please tell me what my chaces are and also, i know its SP but surely there may be an underlying cause?????? :wave::(

its really bothering me :mad:

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