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thedudeman 01-31-2012 06:53 PM

is it my lungs?
For about a month, I have been getting sharp pains that last for no less than a minute and occur several times a day. I went to the doctors twice, and both said it was due to stress and anxiety (based off a physicians test, no xrays). I stuck with it since I was a hypochondriac and always worrying about my health. But for the past week, my lung/lung area feels "stuffed". I can breath fine and all and it doesn't hurt when I breath, but it feels stuffed. I have no cough and the occasional morning phlegm. but lately, I can't seem to take in a full breath and it feels weird when I take the breath. I still get the sharp pains but I also have aches throughout my upperbody. I can pinpoint where it hurts. Can't really see the doctor now; complicated insurance situation. Also I caught a cold a couple days back, but thats about it.

Any idea what can it be? When should I really start to worry? How long should it last?

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