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bel401 03-11-2012 07:58 PM

Walking pneumonia
Hello all, well over the past week ive found out that i have walking pneumonia. I must have caught it from when i was traveling by plane to go see my uncle and such. The very first episode happened when i got back about 2 days after that trip, where i was just sitting on the computer then suddenly felt my breath fade to a point where i felt like i was going to pass out. So i called 911,they came checked me out.. everything was fine so i stayed home. Well the next day i was having constant burping like i mean every min would be a burp, and i don't know why. but later that day i felt the same as day 1, just lost my breathe suddenly, gasping for air. So i go to the E.R they do some xrays and some blood work. They say everything was fine and it was probably just anxiety. So a week passes im fine, didn't really focus on what just happened to me and so on. Well then the next week comes(week 3) where i felt terrible! just trouble breathing, burping when taking deep breathes, just overall sick feeling with breathing problems along with vomiting and diarrhea. So i go to a family doctor and he checks me out says everything is OK but gives me some acid reflex pills for me to take. i take them for bout 2-3 days no improvement, still breathing problems, so i go back and he does a full blood count test along with some other various tests. Well it comes back positive for pneumonia so at least they knew what was wrong with me now! but now im continuing to burp, although my breathing is a little better, i still have to burp constant. And ive been taking my antibiotic for about a week now. I am also having bad sinus pressure in my head just tingling,right eye swelling almost,blurry vision sometimes and just headaches every other day. So i was wondering what do you guys think the burping is coming from? does pneumonia cause this? or is it acid reflex? cause ive seen no improvement for taking acid reflex pills for 2 weeks. im just a little worried i have like some serious problem along with pneumonia. so let me know! if u have pneumonia what your symptoms are like! thanks so much!

bel401 03-12-2012 01:34 PM

Re: Walking pneumonia
Hey guys this is just an update. So i went back to the doctor today, havnt been in like a week, and was feeling really bad got a big migraine all of a sudden with a bad stomach ache. So he did more blood work for jaundis or w.e? cause apparently my skin was yellowish.. lol, but also he did blood work for other illness that is causing me to feel so bad. And he referred me to a gastro specialist so hopefuly we can cure my UNKNOWN burping problem that is causing me not to breathe right:) Also my walking pneumonia on a scale is supposed to be below 100 well mines 150... so thats prob why im feeling so down.. well ill keep you posted, not as if you care just this help calms for me for a reason!

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