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Cher45 12-28-2013 06:03 PM

advice..chest pain with breathing problems
Hi all,

i have multiple health problems, currently having IVIG treatments for a CVID, a blood disorder (dont make igg3 cells to fight off infections). I also dont make cortisol, ACTH, ect also needed to fight off infections along with a list 2 pages long of other disorders.

My question/concern is for the last month I've been have chest/lung pains that is worse when I breathe, eat or talk. Not wearing a bra makes it worse oh and the pain shoots to the mid back. I also have heart paps and chest pains, which are a daily part of my life. First my mucus was clear with brown stuff in it, then with red streaks, then greenish but now it's a milky orange. This has happened before but never with the milky orange mucus. Usually it's caused by a reaction to a new medication but I havent changed any. That or it's bronchitis or walk phenomia ((sp?). My chest x-ray was normal except for my lower lobes that dont work which I've had for a few years now.

What else or other tests can the doctors do? I cant have any evasive tests since the risk of infection is to high, the last one ended me up in the ICU fighting for my life. anyway, I have no fever un less I'm too active, like shower, sweep the floor, small things like that brings on a high temp. If I stay still my temp is low to normal.

Any suggestions would be helpful, being housebound makes it very hard. Going to my doctors makes me vulnerable to "picking up" something someone may have.

COPD runs in my family, my Dad right now is very ill. I also have a port in my chest but had this problem prior to the port line being installed (port is used for my IVIG infusions). My mom and brother also have forms of COPD. Could breast inplants be making it worse also? Oh, the sputum is very thick and hard to cough up and the cough gets worse after dinner.

Thanks so much
Happy Holidays

MountainReader 12-28-2013 06:21 PM

Re: advice..chest pain with breathing problems

Your issues are beyond what I can help with, but I do want to wish you luck in finding help. It sounds like you may need to end up seeing a doctor, probably a Pulmonologist. Do you have one you could call who may be willing to help over the phone?

I hope someone else reads this who can help you more.

Take care.

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