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MeBee 09-11-2014 12:00 AM

nerve damage to thoracic diaphragm/pleurisy - can't sleep
Skipping a long story here, I was diagnosed with pleurisy about three, four weeks ago in the emergency room, starting from unknown reasons, and now find out that I have nerve damage to the left side of my diaphragm. Although the pleurisy pain is lessening now, the diaphragm condition makes it very hard to lie down, so breathless and panicky feeling, and any exertion finds me breathless too. Has anyone else ever had this happen? After my x-ray that clearly shows that the diaphragm pushes up into my left lung, I was so surprised that I forgot to ask if this could be permanent. My oxygen stats are very good, as long as just sitting. It is getting really old not to be able to lay down to sleep. Does anyone know or have you heard of such a thing? If so, what am I to expect?

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