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Test Results 11-03-2014 09:42 AM

Test Results?
Hi I got rads done as part of a health screening to be put into a medication study for a totally different disease. My results are this:

~RESULT: The heart size and configuration are within normal. The
lungs are clear of focal infiltrates or mass lesion. Slight prominence of
the lung markings in the lung bases could be secondary to crowded vessels
giving the suboptimal inspiration and or stability of atelectasis. Mild
inflammatory bronchial wall thickening cannot be entirely excluded.
Clinical correlation is recommended.. The pulmonary vasculature is
within normal. The pleural margins are smooth. There is no pleural
effusion or pneumothorax.

I won't see my doctor for a few weeks so I am wondering if anyone here knows what the results mean? I am a none smoker, but was with a boyfriend who smoked and at his parents house a lot who smoked constantly, not sure if that would help?

thank you

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