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JenJewell 05-20-2018 01:40 PM

Needing help with understanding Labs
I recently had some lab work completed by my rheumatologist. My anti-dsDNA was positive 30 iu/ml and I have a high CRP 7.8. Does these results plus my symptoms indicate Lupus? Iím so confused. I greatly appreciate any advice you can provide. Thank you.

Bilateral Joint Pain (feet)
Headaches - (Burning, tingling, Sharp)
Mouth sores
Constant Ring in my ears ( 3+months)
Vision problems
Hair loss
Raynaud's syndrome (2 flare ups this year)
Depression-stress (due to pain)
Lack of Sleep

ladybud 06-01-2018 08:03 PM

Re: Needing help with understanding Labs
Lupus diagnosis is based on a combination of symptoms and labs. The anti dsDNA is specific for lupus, but people with this antibody almost always have a positive ANA as well. Was an ANA done? An elevated CRP is an indication of inflammation and is non specific, ie., it can be elevated in lupus but also many other ailments. You have several symptoms that do occur in lupus, so my suspicion would be high, but you may not meet the Criteria strictly. Some Drs. adhere to these criteria (4/11 items identified by the ACR) but they are really meant to be a guideline. These are found in the sticky notes at the top of the lupus board here. When your situation is just shy of what it takes, sometimes you can find other criteria in your history, such as sun rash in past or anemia, or a new one may development in time that makes the picture more complete. In essence it is a judgment call on the part of your rheum.

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