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    Old 05-16-2004, 11:06 AM   #1
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    Help me read test results

    Im new here and im really scared as to what my test results mean,so im posting the results with my story so if someone can help me i would really appreciate it.

    I am 39 years old and I've been sick for nearly 10 years. I've went from doctor to doctor and have been told basically the same thing (that its in my head or that im suffering from depression) I suffer from extreme fatigue, sore,achy muscles, i stay cold a lot of the list could go on and on...back in January, i got really bad abdomen pain and ended up in the ER, I had a rash all over my chest, neck, face and into my head. The Er doctor said hmmmm dont know what that rash is.....he did some test and basically told me i had a female problem to go to my GP the next day.....I went to her and told her how i was feeling, she said she was going to treat me "as if" i had pelvic infection, but not once did i tell her i was having any type of pelvic pain. After leaving her office i went home called my insurance company and changed doctors. I couldnt get in to see him because I had to wait til the first of the month until my insurance would cover me seeing a new GP. The first visit to him, i didnt tell him any of the "weird" things my body did, i focused on the abdomen pain, he told me he thought it was a colon problem and wanted to test me to make sure my colon wasnt diseased. After leaving his office i felt he seemed more concerned with me than most doctors I had seen over the years so i call his rep. and got an appt to come back to him. I went back in to see him a week later, i started off with telling him I had been told there wasnt anything wrong with me in the past, that my pain was in my head.......that i suffered from depression and all the other 100 of things i was told over the years......he sat there and patiently listened to me tell him thing after thing about my body, after i was finished I ask him, do u think its in my head, he said no can i see your hands? after seeing them he said i can tell u now I suspect u have some type of connective tissue disease by the way your fingers sink in. he order the following test for me (ive posted test and results

    ****Basic Chemistry****
    everything with that was normal so i wont post

    ****Thyroid Assestment****
    T4 Throxine High 12.7 4.5-12.0
    TSH 3rd Generation 0.968 0.350-5.500

    ****Lipid Assestment****
    Cholesterol 192
    Triglyceride 75 0-149
    Hdl Cholesterol 59 40-59
    LDL cholesterol 118 0-129
    Chol/hdl Ratio Low 3.3 3.9-5.7
    Vldl chol (calc) 15 5-40

    Basic Hematology

    came back all within normal

    ***Eed rate*** high 42 0-20

    all within normal except:

    Specific Gravity ABn 1.005 or less >1.005

    ***Special Chemistry***
    C-Reactive, Quantitative 4.9 0.0-4.9


    Rheumatiod factor, quantitative Less than 14 IU/ml 0.0-13.9
    ANA ABN Borderline
    Also Detected Midbody Pattern at Borderline 1:80 titer.

    ANA Titer ABN 1:80
    ANA Pattern Speckled

    ***Infectious Disease****
    ASO, Serum Quantitative High 436 <200

    When i went in to get the results my GP said its possible its mixed connective tissue disease.. Ive read about mctd since being told I have it and im confused....Is this worse, better or same as having Lupus or any of the other connective tissue diseases, or does it mean i have Lupus?...He put me on prednisone and ive been taking it for 3 beginning to see some difference in the joint pains, and general aches and pains.....but it seems the pain in my throat is getting worse and its harder for me to hold my head up at times, I dont go back to him for 2 weeks for a follow up is there questions i need to ask him? and if this isnt mctd what should i be asking him to test me for next? sorry this was so long but i am so afraid and really could use someone helping me understand whats wrong with me.

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    Re: Help me read test results

    Bless your heart, we are the same age and have been suffering for about the same amount of time. From what I have read, mixed connective tissue disease is the diagnosis you are given when you have symptoms and lab reports that support an autoimmune disorder such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis but the doctor isn't sure which one(s) you have yet. I would for sure get a second opinion.

    The sed rate and c-reactive protein measure inflammation in your body.
    I'm not sure what the speckled pattern means in your ANA, but you can enter it in a search engine and get a pretty good idea of what is going on.

    Old 05-17-2004, 07:30 AM   #3
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    Re: Help me read test results

    Hi 2 Tired,
    I am so sorry to hear your not feeling well, unfortunately I relate all to well. What is making me reply to your post is the end where the Dr said
    "I suspect u have some type of connective tissue disease by the way your fingers sink in."
    Did you notice the change in your fingers? This is happening to me too, I was also told I have some form of MCTD, i have the achey joints, dry eyes, terrible scalp problems my hair is falling out I have upper GI problems, pins & needles in my hands & feet really bad, chronically cold, rapid heart rate, breathing problems and the list goes on.... this all started 6 months ago and it just keeps getting worse. Please update me when you hear anything. This is very scary I know, but I understand what you are going through, and I am always here if you need to chat. Hope you are having a good day.
    ~~ Sandy

    Old 05-17-2004, 10:03 AM   #4
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    2tired2feelgood HB User
    Re: Help me read test results

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post and answering. As far as noticing my fingers sinking in, I have noticed it before but as the doctors kept telling me there wasn't anything wrong with me I eventually came to the conclusion I just had weird looking fingers. I have the pins and needles in my hands more so than my feet but it feels as if someone has a rubber band on my legs sometimes and squeezing it. Im experiencing quite a bit of shortness of breath since Friday afternoon, I am waiting for the nurse to call me now with the results of a colon scan they did on me last weds. I have had the rapid rate heart, been in the hospitalized for it a few times only to be told it was stress induced. Somedays it's like I feel as if Im only a step away from death only to be in a few hours back to feeling as normal as can be expected. I would really like if we could keep in contact as this stuff is driving me crazy and seems im driving my family nuts because I bug them about it because I have nobody else to talk to that doesn't act as though im losing my mind.

    Old 05-17-2004, 10:17 AM   #5
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    2tired2feelgood HB User
    Re: Help me read test results

    Thanks Teachergirl for reading my post. I've been told a speckled pattern is a pattern that you would get in the case of lupus but he hasn't told me that yet. It seems when I last spoke to my doctor he was hesitate to tell me very much because when I ask him a question he seemed to answer it with another one. I was confused because after all of these years of suffering and to have finally have someone tell me I was actually sick was overwhelming at the time. Now that I have time to think about it all, Im ready to deal with it and take it a day at a time. Im not sure how serious this disease is, if its life threatening or do I simply live with aches and pains from day to day. This past weekend hasn't been a really good one, when i breathe in its as if im standing out in cold air and inhaling it. I was doing the same thing when i visit the doctor last monday and at that time he said it was part of this stuff, that it was attacking my esophagus and the cartilage in my chest area. When his nurse calls today with the results from a previous test, Im going to ask about what can be done to see if this is indeed true. Im scared right now because of the not knowing more than anything. Hopefully, by finally been told there is something wrong with me more than it being in my head, people will start listening when I have a "weird" symptom. Keep me informed on what you find out and I wish you all the best.

    Old 05-17-2004, 01:17 PM   #6
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    Re: Help me read test results

    Hi 2Tired,
    I would be happy to stay in contact with you... I know how hard it is explaining these things to your family, it is sooo hard to do because you feel crazy explaining it!! Its one of those things you have to feel for yourself to believe unfortunately, so when you find others who actually "feel" your pain, it is very comforting. I don't know if you have read any of my posts, but my last one is kind of explaining my hands, do your fingertips look all wrinkled? Mine look like they have been submerged in water for hours! Please let me know how you make out with your tests... and if you need to just chat I'll be here for you.
    Take Care ~ Big Hugs

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