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  • Has anyone tried Omega 3 fish oils?

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    Has anyone tried Omega 3 fish oils?

    Hello all, just wondering...
    I've found a few reputable articles that have mentioned that supplementing your diet with Omega 3 fish oils has dramatically improved a lot of symptoms for some people with lupus... has anybody used them?? What did you think?? Do you just get them at a health food store?? What have you lovely folks heard about this?? Also wondering about evening primrose oil, it's supposed to help with inflammation. I'm no herbalist but I don't want to take steroids either unless I absolutely have to and at the rate I'm going I'm not going to get any real drugs for a bit. Any help is appreciated. Thank you all!

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    Re: Has anyone tried Omega 3 fish oils?

    Hi Shawnee,

    I've been meaning to tell you what a pretty name you have. I just think it is lovely.

    Yes, I take omega 3 oil in the form of concentrated salmon oil capsules. My DO. and my chiroptactor recommended them. Also DHEA and Glucosumine/Chondroiten for joints. DO. says even if they don't help much, which they have been proven to do, they won't ever hurt me so I take them every day along with cranberry extract capsule to help kidneys along as I tend to hold fluid. So far they all seem to be working. At least the cranberry capsules are. The rest, who knows. I have only been on them about 6 months and I really don't know how long it takes to see a difference or if they just help keep things from getting worse. I pick all mine up at Wal-Mart.
    I also just recently began taking Q-10. Again, studies showed that it seems to help some with energy and joints.

    I haven't tried anything for the inflamation. I just use advil or when it is really bad, naproxin. I'm not fond of taking drugs but I will probably stay with this for as long as I can because I don't want to go on steroids either. Too many side effects to worry about.

    May God Bless You and All Those You Love.
    Patience 50/ Bonnie

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    Re: Has anyone tried Omega 3 fish oils?

    Hi, Shawnee,

    I get omega 3 via diet, fish like salmon about 3X a week. I don't take any supplements other than my daily vitamin & calcium tablets. Plus my Rx'es (Plaquenil & Fosamax), with Advil as needed for pain/inflammation control.

    My GI problems (IBS-like stuff) have been so frequent & sometimes severe over so many years that I tend not to try new things, incl. supplements. I have tried vrs. things in past years, but just grew to believe that too many things bother me to make it a good bet for me personally. Otherwise, maybe I'd be bolder...

    Sending my best, Vee (P.S. How did you make out today? I hope well!)

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    Re: Has anyone tried Omega 3 fish oils?

    Thank you Bonnie, I was always the only Shawnee in school, it wasn't all that common. And my silly brother who always has a nickname for everyone calls me Papoose as Shawnee was an indian tribe and I am the baby of the family. He even got my 2 year old to start calling me Papoose, every time he says it though especially when he shortens it to "Pap" my mind just thinks "smear". But that's what older brothers are for I guess. Sorry, I guess you didn't need to know all that, boy am I just chatty chatty chatty today, sorry all! My doc said to try fish oil and see if it helps, he said if it does-- great, if it doesn't --don't take it but he did say that either way it is really good for your cholesterol and is "heart healthy" which sometimes people w/ lupus have cholesterol problems. I'm wondering what Q-10 is and where you get that and how much/ often do you take it. Anything for more energy would be just wonderful. I have IBS/ weird GI symptoms too that just plague me so I too have to pay close attention when I start taking new meds/vitamins/etc... or have diet changes. Sometimes, relief doesn't come no matter what but oh well that's just one more thing to deal with and live with I suppose.

    Vee, my appointment went really well! I was so glad I went. I had my list all ready because if I don't have a list anymore I can't even think straight or remember anything even though I'm not stupid, at least I wasn't stupid until the past couple of years . We talked about the ER visit etc... also went over pathology reports on the polyp which was removed and it was benign, I'll just have to have repeat colonoscopy done about every five years, but that's a lot better than colon cancer. I kind of gave a small speech and really talked with him about how this is affecting my life and how long this flare is going on and how severe and almost disabling it has been for me. I told him that I hadn't been honest with him or with myself and that while I've been busy denying all that has been going on and how I have actually felt, I have actually been miserable for quite some time. I also told him how after the Demerol shot in the hospital I hadn't realized how much pain I have just grown accustomed to. He said that's the hard thing about diseases like this because it's just a little at a time sometimes and it's hard for people to judge how bad they really feel and when they really need treatment. He said he thought it wise to treat this flare w/ prednisone and wants to hold off on plaquenil for now to see how I respond once I get through this particular flare. I think he would feel better if the rheumatologist evaluated me and put me on Plaquenil and that's okay with me. He said there's no way this is in my head and he knows that so not to worry about that and if the rheumatologist makes me feel this way to argue with them and say, "then what it is?" and make them find an answer for me. He said he feels very confident as to my diagnosis and says my ANA titer is too high to be nothing when accompanied by my symptoms and their severity. He was very supportive, he gave me some darvocet too for pain and said to keep in touch as far as anything goes. I'm so glad my new insurance didn't cover my old doctor because I never would have found this one, he's helped me more in a few short months than anyone ever has the past few years.

    And while I was at the doctor my Saint of a Mother came to my house to watch my babies so I didn't have to fight them at the appt. Well my house was just embarrassing and I had so much laundry that needed to be folded and put away. I just have done the very bare minimum lately as I just can't do more and take care of myself and my kids without becoming a lot sicker. And my hubby has worked tons of overtime to help cover this medical stuff, so it just hasn't been done. Well she cleaned my house and folded all that laundry while she was there. When I got home I just could have cried and put my arms around her. I thanked her a gazillion times. It just feels better to feel sick in a clean house . You have to know too that my mom has had lymphoma for the past six years and it has become very aggressive, they gave her 6 months max last October. She has since had a stem cell transplant about 120 days ago and unfortunately her blood levels (white, red, platelets) have all stayed extremely low since. Now she has to have a biopsy for three new lumps she just found and unfortunately this stuff may already be back, so I know she doesn't feel good and probably feels a lot worse than I do, but I guess that's what moms do. Thank you all, I Hope you're well and I love you all!

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    Re: Has anyone tried Omega 3 fish oils?

    There is a higher concentration of Omega 3 essential fatty acids in ground flax seed. Please put "flax seed" in a search engine and learn about the many health benefits of flax seed. You have to grind it to get the nutrtients, otherwise it just goes right on through your digestive tract. If you are taking fish oil, I beleive you will have to take a lot of it to get results. I take a half cup of ground flax seed a day. I noticed I felt better at the 1/4 cup level, but I didn't start getting the big benefits until I got up to a 1/2 cup. I grind it with a coffee grinder right before i eat it. I boil two cups of water, add one cup of rolled oats and a half cup of flaxmeal, reduce heat to medium and cook for ten minutes. There is nothing wrong with taking fish oil and flax, both. REgarding fish oil it should be molecularly distilled and some say pharmaceutical grade. The distilling is to remove as much mercury and toxins as possible. My experience with fish oil was negative. I took the capsules and they made me burp and they had a not so great taste. Plus I have found out I wasn't taking a high enough dose to get big benefits. I get flax seed[brown] for 89 cents a pound so my daily dose only costs me about twelve cents, very economical. There are lots of ways you can use flaxmeal. I prefer to cook it with the oats. Cooking at temps 350 F or below okay. It's not something to eat raw or by itself. There is also flax seed oil, but you dont' get the fiber and protein if you go that way, also very expensive compared to the seeds. The flax has really helped both my physical and mental energy level. My exercise capacity has increased 33% to 50%. I used to ride the exercise bike for 45 minutes, now I ride it for an hour at least and a lot of times for over an hour. I feel great. Dr. Whitaker says "flax" is probably the most therapeutic food on earth. Good luck.

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