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sdmay3 05-30-2005 11:13 AM

Can you help with these ANA test results?
My doctors office called and said my ANA was positive this time. They ordered additional bloodwork to check for arthritis which of course was normal. Anyway, I got a copy of my test results and I don't understand it.
This is exactly how it reads on the paper:

ANA 50 f [0-99] U/ml

Then on the next page it says:
ANA: Negative <100
Equivocal 100-200
Positive >120

I am not understanding this. The way this lab does it I would assume that anything less than 100 was negative. Can anyone help me understand this?

I am being sent to a hematologist because my white count was 13.6, abs. neut was 8.45, and abs. lymph ws 4.17. I am so tired of this merry go round trying to figure out what is wrong with me!

TNjewels 08-09-2005 11:49 PM

Re: Can you help with these ANA test results?
It sounds like the ANA test you had done was a ANA-D or ANA Direct. Here's what I found out about the test ...

ANA Direct (ANA-D) is a new test that LabCorp has developed. Instead of the old methods of diluting the blood till they can no longer see the antibodies (1:80, 1:160, etc) this new tests allows them to "count" the antibodies in the blood sample. Normal ranges are 0-120. I contacted The American Society for Laboratory Science and asked for their assistance because I had this test and the results but my doctor could not tell me anything other than they were high. I wanted to know how to compare to the old ANA tests and what did my result of 1,075 indicate. I'll post their reply to me below.

[B]Here is the reply I received from ASLS:[/B]

Dear Julie,

Thank you for contacting the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science consumer web site with your question concerning your ANA test results. Your ANA test result is very high; your results are in U/mL units while some ANA test results are expressed as titers. Like many laboratory tests, different methods have different normal or expected ranges and the test result units may vary with the method. Your physician will look at your ANA test result relative to the expected range for the test method you had done to interpret your results. High ANA titers (>1:160) or high ANA test results in other units like U/mL are, in general, significant disease indicators. While ANA tests are diagnostically important, test results must be always be interpreted in the context of the clinical symptoms and presentation of the patient.

To compare ANA test results provided in different units (titers vs. U/mL e.g.), the results are looked at for clinical significance in the context of the patient's history, etc. High results by one test method should be high by another test method; low test results the same thing.

[B]This info is from LabCorp's web site regarding their test:[/B]
LabCorp converted to atechnology for antinuclear antibody (ANA) testing that providesmore objective, higher quality results than traditional methodolo-gies. The new technology provides a direct measurement of autoan-tibodies relevant to ANA testing from a single patient sample. Thepresence of characterized autoantibodies in conjunction with a pos-itive ANA result and symptomatology can have far greater clinicalsignificance than an uncharacterized ANA result alone, thereby pos-itively affecting patient care.

Hope this all helps you have more understanding regarding the ANA Direct blood tests.


Lenin 08-11-2005 03:23 PM

Re: Can you help with these ANA test results?
Like Jewels implied, ANA is always given as a ratio as in 1:80, 1:160.

I got a 1:320 and I panicked because I had the macular rash of lupus.
So then I got the ZILLION other dna tests that cleared me of Lupus and the ANA wenht back to Normal.

An infection ANYWHERE in the body can send the ANA through the roof.

I don't understand the repotring of your numbers, your ANA isn;t reported the normal way which might look something like:
1:180, Homogeneous pattern (or speckled or mixed <they look thorugh a scope and determine what the ANA particles are shaped like>)

Glojer 08-12-2005 09:00 AM

Re: Can you help with these ANA test results?
My rhuemy is also using the new Ana tests by Labcorp. My test results read the same, in ul/mg not in titers anymore. When they did the titer test, it gave more info about things than the new test, IMO.

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