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pickle 01-19-2006 10:59 PM

could you die?
I don't know if this question will hurt or offend anyone but I was wondering if lupus got very severe if you could die from it? From what little I have read it's possible for the diease to attack your organs so I imagine yes it can. I'm asking because my Aunt has this diease and cemotharepy is no longer working for her. She's had been on it for two years and about a month ago was taken off it because she's built an immunity to it. Other medications that's out there don't work, she's tried those before going to the cemo. From what I hear their are other things coming out to try to help people with lupus but she doesn't want to be a guinea pig. And to vent alittle about it, I think she's a bit selffish because she has 5 kids and a grandchild but she hasn't had the best life. She's been through alot with her being 38 I believe, too much. With her life being as hard as it has been, I understand. She said she's going to let God do the rest of the work. Let's see what he brings her...thank you for anyone who's read this..

Ali04 01-20-2006 04:07 PM

Re: could you die?
i was actually sad to read your post.
i am 32, have been dealt my fair share too. i also at times feel like throwing in the towel, but to read a family members outside view..well, i guess we are being selfish.

yes, lupus can kill us. i have the clotting antibodies and have recurrant clots/strokes even on blood thinners. i am taking the mildest form of immune suppression for my kidneys (cellcept) yet they still dont function 100%. nothing is guarenteed with this disease. we all know what our tolerance is.
it is more of a dibilitating disease. most people with lupus die of infection. it is usually because of the chemo meds.

i do hope your aunt changes her mind. she has her children and a grandchild. even with no children, i fight foward. the battle is endless.
good luck.

pickle 01-21-2006 02:45 PM

Re: could you die?
Ali I didn't want you to feel bad. Saying I thought she was a bit selfish. I'm behind her all the way. She is going to take medications if she needs to and she's having a petscan I believe it's called, to see if and how much damaged has come to her organs. I was saying abit selfish because one of her children aren't old enough yet to decide on her life. Well she will be soon, she's 16. Where they'll live if things go bad. I apologize to you and anyone else who I made feel some negitive feelings about what I had to say. I'm sorry, I really am. I just love her so much and see and hear how bad her health is. My sister said she always looks tired. But if I had something like that, wrong with my health and did everything I felt I needed to do and nothing worked, I believe I would do the same. I'm sure she's not giving up completly, just on treatment.

Ali04 01-21-2006 07:47 PM

Re: could you die?
oh pickle!
no, i dont feel bad!! i felt sad for your aunt. she has a hard time and you seemed so sad.
i am in no way hurt or offended!!
feel good.

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