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goodnightjunebu 02-16-2006 07:04 AM

Happy, Happy, Happy!!!
I am So excited...I have been feeling great for a whole month! Wow! I began Plaquenil back in Dec. and at about the 6 week mark I started to get some energy back...I thought it might be all in my head...But I still feel great. I even have some of my appetite back too(to which my vanity is not so thrilled...groan)I thank God for allowing me this time to feel well! I am in this weird state of mind now though, questioning...maybe I never had symptoms....I feel too good...maybe it was all in my head...Do any of you go through that when you are feeling well. I know logically,that yes, I REALLY was incapsitated(sp?) many days out of the month and REALLY could not function. But now I am in this elated dream world of feeling SO good...I want to be in denial that it really still lurks behind the medication. I find my self tempted to think I can go off my meds and I will feel fine(though I know better, and won't do that...) But I just wanted to try to explain the weird thoughts that go through my head and wonder if anyone else goes though this too??? Well, I have nothing to complain about...I think I'll go clean my house or something...since I can! Junebug

Glojer 02-16-2006 09:51 AM

Re: Happy, Happy, Happy!!!

So glad you are feeling good. I went through the same high when I started on prednisone and my pain was almost gone and I had some energy again. Just to have the desire to want to do something was a great feeling. Enjoy it!


life_is_good 02-16-2006 10:50 AM

Re: Happy, Happy, Happy!!!
I know the exact feeling. I started the Plaquenil in Oct. and my joint pain completely melted away. I was in SO much pain before. I have to say that it's now 4 months since starting the plaquenil and it just gets better and better for me. I started a MILD exercise routine this past month and it feels so good to start to move a little. The only thing is that it didn't help my fatique much at all. I usually get flares every 3 months, so I'm kinda pushing my luck here. I don't want to jinx myself, but I've been feeling pretty terrific also.


VeeJ 02-16-2006 11:23 AM

Re: Happy, Happy, Happy!!!
Junebug, I say, ENJOY your upswing & follow drs. orders, since it sure seems to be helping, right? I still flare but not nearly so badly---but maybe YOU won't, which would be very cool indeed. Yaaaay for you! Vee

P.S. If you admit to wanting to CLEAN, you could start to get a whole lot of invitations. Hmmmmmm, it's sunny today & I notice my windows are really looking grubby after that big snowstorm... :D

baseball 02-16-2006 12:41 PM

Re: Happy, Happy, Happy!!!

I feel the same way. i told my doc this! he said a lot of people feel that way.
Good for you! I still feel much better then i did. I was never as bad off as some people are so I really started (and sometimes still do)thinking it was all in my head.In fact I couldn't wait to have a DX,now my doctor wants to give me the DX of lupus and I told him that I want to hold off. :confused:
Hope you keep feeling well, liz

life_is_good 02-16-2006 12:49 PM

Re: Happy, Happy, Happy!!!
A lupus diagnosis brought me tremendous anguish at first, but at least I had a name to what I was experiencing. I remember falling apart right in the office, sobbing uncontrollably. It took awhile, but I've come to accept it. I understand your desire to hold off with a conclusive diagnosis, especially since you already know what you're dealing with and are being treated sucessfully for it. If I had to do it all over again, I'd have them hold off putting the word "lupus" down on paper. I fear that when the time comes for my husband to retire, and I'll need to get private health insurance, that it is going to be extremely difficult, as well as expensive. So as long as you're being treated and are feeling well, I'd hold off on that diagnosis as well.


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