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  • Have Had My Period Over 3 Weeks Now!!

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    Old 11-05-2006, 09:29 AM   #1
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    Question Have Had My Period Over 3 Weeks Now!!

    Hiya! First off, let me explain that I am 40 years old and have many medical problems and health issues, ie: Lupus/Fibro/OA/APS-Antiphospolipid Antibiodies Syndrome-a blood clotting disorder)/High Blood Pressure/Raynauds/Sjogrens/etc/etc/

    For a bit of history...I had my tubes tied at age 29 after having 4 children-3 of them via c-sections. I had also had a fetal demise at 16 weeks pregnant in 1988 and 2 very early misscarriages within' 2 years of that(all NOW proven to have been caused from the APS-which no one knew I even had back then...or the Lupus for that matter.)
    Taking the pill to stop bleeding is NOT an option for me either, due to the Lupus and the blood clotting disorder! I'm already at a higher risk for stroke! lol

    Over 3 weeks ago, now, I got my period, which has, for me, ALWAYS been very HEAVY with many clots. I knew from the start of that one, that something was 'off' because it was very light for 3 days-which is NOT the norm for me at all...then it kicked in heavy like it does...BUT, it has yet to stop!!! I have bene bleeding now for over 3 weeks and that has NEVER happened in all my years of HAVING a period! I know I turned 40 this past June...but I'm not in menopause yet! lol So anyways...for the past couple weeks now, I have been even MORE tired than my normal exhaustion, got sent home from work one day because I looked so pale and wasn't feeling good at all-dizzy and tummy was bothering me. I never got 'sick' in the sense of vomiting like a virus bug or anything though. I was out of work the next day because I felt so horrible...all I did was sleep mostly. This entire time, I am STILL bleeding, not spotting...BLEEDING like I have my period-bright red blood. I am weak, pale, dizzy, lightheaded and now, my tummy is giving me problems again. I am also having headaches and sharp pains in my head. The thought of heading off to the er...UGH...because honestly, having Lupus and all...its one darn thing after another and ya relly get tired of ERS! I know I must be anemic by now and my son, Josh, who's an EMT and an ER Tech, told me Friday-after telling me I'm an idiot for NOT having gone by now-lol-said I am most likely severly anemic by now and they will probably admit me because of my health issues...ESP because I have the bleeding disorder...the APS. I KNOW I have to get this taken care of, and soon! What I'm wondering though, is about any correlation to my Lupus/APS. many Lupies have Hemolytic Anemia-and lots get Aquired Von Willibrand's Disease. I have come across BOTH these many times, AS WELL as Lupus, which has come up often during my research of 'prolonged mentrual bleeding'! Its like everything I'm coming across leads back to LUPUS or the APS or BOTH in one way or another-mostly with the Hemolytic Anemia and the Aquired VWD! I also keep coming across edometriosis.
    Any input/answers/advice would be GREAT!! If this is because of the Lupus in one way or another...I feel its a waste of time to run off to a Gyno and that I should just call my Rheumy FIRST and see what SHE has to say about it! THX in advance and THX for reading!

    *hugs* Cathy

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    Re: Have Had My Period Over 3 Weeks Now!!

    Hi, LupieOne. In your shoes, I'd definitely call my rheumie first. I don't have any special insight as to what can cause this to happen---probably a variety of things?---just that I'd want my rheumie to take the first crack at it, given what you are sure of (lupus & APS).

    I also had numerous episodes of periods lasting from 3 to 6+ weeks, starting in my early teens to my 40's, but I didn't find out until age 47-1/2 that I had lupus. [Aaaargh!] Talk about tired...

    Let us know what rheumie says & what happens next, OK? And, GOOD LUCK! Sincerely, Vee

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    Re: Have Had My Period Over 3 Weeks Now!!

    Hi LupieOne,

    That has happened to me before. Many times I get my period twice per month, though it's not usually "heavy". There have been times though, i've had it for weeks, not heavy, not light, I guess just kind of in between. Once I had it for almost 2 months straight but came to find out it was probably due to some medications I was taking. I took Bextra (my period came & went in 4 days with NO cramps, woohoo) but then it went in the news along with Vioxx so I stopped taking it. Then I started Mobic. The day I started it, I got my period again. I took Mobic about 2 weeks until my eyes started swelling. Then I tried Relafen (and in all this time I still had my period) for a couple weeks, that did no good either & my eyes swelled shut again. Stopped that & just tried OTC Aleve, still had my period, and again my eyes swelled up. Then about 2 weeks after stopping everything, my period stopped. My gyno said all sorts of meds (including OTC's) can do this. Have you started taking any meds lately?

    Or you might have a more in-depth problem...and with all you say, you should see your doc or the ER pronto before you collapse or something.

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    Re: Have Had My Period Over 3 Weeks Now!!

    LupieOne, your bleeding is very troubling. I don't know how you have not lost your mind by now with worry. But I guess when you have had all the health problems you have over the years, you get tired of running to the doctor. But this is weird. You should check into the possibility of fibroids, or maybe something is wrong hormonally that is causing your endometrial lining to build up so heavily. On the web site for the Alliance for Lupus Research, there is a case of a woman with lupus who was suffering from uterine bleeding because of "inflammed blood vessels", which I had never heard of. So, maybe it could be something you could talk to your rheumie about before going the next step to your OB/GYN. Our periods do change as we age and our hormone levels change, and I know women do begin to bleed very heavily and longer than normal as we begin to go through menopause, but what you describe sounds extreme.

    I have had some odd episodes of bleeding and my periods have gotten longer and heavier, but nothing like what you describe. Between the ages of 13 and 30, I had the same periods every month-light the 1st day, picking up on the 2nd day, full speed on the 3rd day, slowing down by the 4th day, light on the 5th day, and gone (or with some very light spotting) by the 6th day. It seemed like the moment I turned 30 (also around the time that I first began having other strange "lupus" stuff happen to me), this changed and I began to bleed extremely heavily some months. I wasn't used to having to change myself that frequently (like every 15-30 minutes), so I had a lot of accidents. It took me a few cycles of this to learn how keep up with this heavy flow. The large clots started then, too. I am now into a pattern of very light the 1st day, light the 2nd and 3rd days, moderately heavy on the 4th day, and then wham!, very heavy on the 5th day, heavy with clots on the 6th day, and then suddenly going away to nothing by the 7th day.

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