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zorm 01-08-2008 03:39 PM

before a diagnosis did anyone suffer really bad mentally because of it
dear all,

i hope you are well or doing ok. this is quite a generalised question. when people were going through the diagnosis process did they feel completly overtaken by it all. thats how i feel now i have had so many infections so many problems taking meds so many horrible chnges to my body so much disbelief and being strung from one doctor to the next. one thing i know for sure is that something has gone horribly wrong with my body. i speant the last few weeks in beds with sweats urinary pain and not waking up properly. in the end i went to the hospital i have a problem with. they treated me very badly but i did havea urine infection that had been there for several weeks.
i geuss the point im making is when the body has had so much go wrong it gives out confused messages. the ambulance crew were lovely to me. i was in tears and they said i would need some iv antibiotics after feeling like this. i think i keep getting a recurring virus probably the herpes one if not that i have got lyme or somethin. but it doesn't get treated and my entire bodys messed up especially my nervous sytmn and then you get phychological problems and docs say its just phcholoical its not its a mixture of evything. i wonder if anyone went through bad times cause i feel so lost. the ambulance giys said i would be feeling all messed up with my urine burning like that. i often wonder too. i mean its horrible you get one problem say antibiotics and then you geta fungal infection. i wish my doctor would listen. i want to clear this infection until i feel more right in myself. just when you conquer one thing does anyone else feel like that. the er didn't give me iv antibiotics they gave me orals to take home they also let me faint out in the waiting room covered in urine. this is a cruel world . two other ambulance men took me back in and shouted at the staff. i sometimes wish certain doctors took a humanitarian pill evy so often or speant more time in the real world.

love to you all zorm

sach34 05-02-2008 07:43 PM

Re: before a diagnosis did anyone suffer really bad mentally because of it
Well I have had urinary trouble too. Sometimes I have overactive bladder so bad that I want to pull my hair out. I take detrol LA and it does help. I had a urologist tell my he suspected interstitial cystitis. I didn't have the test. I just took detral LA and it eventaully went away. However, I have had two bladder infections in the last two months and chronic yeast infections. These are just two or three of many symptoms, but it's either the Interstitial cystitis or overactive bladder. I was diagnosed with overactive bladder. I do have some buring in that area, I also hurt when I urinate on my left side. My kidneys or maybe just sides have some discomfort. None of my pain is unbearable. The only thing that bothers me is the frequent urination. It makes you paraniod it's your kidneys and they should be checked just in case. It could also be overactive bladder, or interstitial cystitis that I have. I can only tell you my experiences and what the doctors have told me they think. I hope this helps.

VeeJ 05-03-2008 03:34 AM

Re: before a diagnosis did anyone suffer really bad mentally because of it
Sach34, I had irritable bladder problems for 10 years. Like yours, my urologist suspected interstitital cystitis but decided to hold off on the test because I had so many other things going on (severe hedaches, joint pain, low-grade fever, anemia, etc.) It's hard to believe, but my urinary problems disappeared a few months into Plaquenil. (Amazingly, so did my severe irritable bowel problem). Plaquenil & sun avoidance have helped tremendously (although I hate the no-sun part :mad:). I hope you can give it another try. Best wishes! from Vee

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