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steve0151 03-09-2008 10:06 AM

Ubitol for APS / Lupus

I recently had a stroke - Wallenburg's syndrome and have APS and also mild SLE.

This came on suddenly as a headache, the initial diagnosis made by a visiting GP was a migraine although I had never experienced headaches.

I suggested it was a stroke as I had worked in healthcare for a long period. Eventually, after 3 days, I was admitted to hospital and after a further 3 days had an MRI/MRA scan which confirmed a cerebellar stroke.

I am now on Warfarin for life.

I suffer a lot of discomfort in my legs upon walking short distances and wonder if anyone has tried Ubitol - Ubiquinone to boost their energy levels but more importantly improve systemic circulation.

Any suggestions for preparations that may alleviate these symptoms and do not interfere with warfarin would be appreciated.


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