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topsy123 05-06-2008 08:21 AM

Is It Lupus Rash
Hi everyone,:)Got a few questions I would like to ask, hope some of you can help. I got a rash on my neck that keeps coming and going and I get it on the back of my hands to, it doesnt itch but you can really see it when its there. Its not an allergy rash, I know that much.
Been getting very sore tender areas on my body aswel. Apart from the hip and joint pain, I have been getting definate areas that are really sore, feels like burning almost. get it at the top of my arms, near my back, tops of my legs and buttocks, also my scalp is very tender to touch, even hurts to brush my hair.
Is it possible in Lupus that a rash comes and goes or is it constant....Thanks...I have load of symptoms, but thats for another time, just trying to piece the puzzle together here.

realisticchic 05-06-2008 11:10 AM

Re: Is It Lupus Rash
:wave:I experience some rashes with my SLE, but not like the ones you have described. In my case, they come and go. There are some other people here who have more experience with the rashes than I do who will probably be able to help you more. Take Care

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