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Funnygirl2 05-07-2008 12:24 AM

New to Lupus!!
Hi !! New here(age 41), didn't ever think I'd be here, but I was dx. 3 weeks ago . I have had lupus-like symptoms for the last 15 years...I've always had "red cheeks", I have an ANA 1:640 (homogenous) and an SS-A=685, (+) rheumatoid factor,joint pain, x-rays show early peri-atricular osteopenia , fatique as well as infertility (premature ovarian failure). I'm now on Plaquenil...I'm happy with my rheumy doc...very knowledgable. Just scared about my future and how long until....I get sick...if at all?? My "regular bloodwork" is all good, urinalysis is good, too. I've got two small children I want to be around for!! Any thoughts on nutrition and diet related to lupus would be great.... Thanks, Jen[FONT="Book Antiqua"][/FONT]

realisticchic 05-07-2008 07:15 AM

Re: New to Lupus!!
No real tips on nutrition and diet, as I always was a very healthy/conscientious eater and got SLE anyway, Go Figure. I just wanted to say welcome to the site, I hope you find it helpfull. There are a lot of very knowledgeable, kind people here. I also found it interesting that you too were dxd with premature ovarian failure. I was 33 I think when I got that DX. JUst a few years later 35, I got DXD with SLE. I am 37 now and take Plaquenli and prednisone daily. Your blood and urine results sound great, and hopefully you will not ever get terribly ill :). There are a lot of people who just take NSAIDS and Plaquenil to treat their Lupus and it never gets any worse. I hope you are one of them :). In the meantime, just live each day to the fullest, try not to waste any time on worry and enjoy the heck out of your little ones! After all, none of know what the future holds Lupus or not. Take Care.

Funnygirl2 05-07-2008 07:48 AM

Responding to Realistichic
Hi!! Interested in your infertility....did you have Anti-Ovarian Antibodies?? I was never checked...this was almost 12 years ago and I then went onto have a total hysterectomy...but I read somewhere that women with autoimmune issues often are "poor responders" in regards to fertility meds and that there's a correlation between anti-ovarian antibodies and POF. The percentage is almost 75% of women with autoimmune issues and POF have anti-ovarian antibodies thus the infertility....thougt it was interesting stuff. I'm sure I've got 2 kids are adopted from Korea....I'm trying not to let the Lupus dx. scare me but it does....and I know in my heart I've had it for a long time and it just wasn't dx....I'm hoping in time that I'll be less scared. Hopefully, in the near future...there's alot of info. here...glad I found this sight. Talk to you later, Jen

realisticchic 05-07-2008 11:54 AM

Re: New to Lupus!!
yes, I have anti-ovarian antibodies. I had already had 3 children, my first at age 21 my last at 25. The pregnancies with all three were fraught with trouble, eclampsia, full placenta previa,etc.. The last pregnancy I was in the hospital for 2 1/2 months. Both of my boys suffered from problems due to my un-dxd lupus, at birth. my older boy had *** incompatability and Jaundice, my youngest neo-natal Lupus, jaundice etc.. I began seeing Drs. (OBGYN) when I was 29-30 for not having regular periods (maybe 1 every 3 months), then they just stopped. I was tested for diabetes, poly cystic ovarian syndrome etc. before a diagnosis of POF was made. I was told that "for some reason, we don't know why, your body is attacking your ovaries". I might add that I was a very late bloomer, didn't start my periods until I was 16, and had horrible cramping, fever, nausea, bowel distress with it was all my body could do to shoot out that little egg. I never took fertility drugs, but what you are saying about Lupies being poor responders makes sense. I too, have read about a link between auto-immune disease and POF. I look back and think it was my bodys way of saying it was no longer safe to get pregnant, like it just couldn't take the strain. I too felt like I have had Lupus long before it was diagnosed. That is one thing I tell myself to keep the fear at bay........You've had it all along and you've made it to 37, at least you know you have it now and are recieving treatment. I feel knowing gives me a little more power to fight it.

Funnygirl2 05-07-2008 12:01 PM

Re: New to Lupus!!
Realisticchic: Your right about knowledge giving you's very true. And, in some way this dx. has given a small feeling of comfort in that it does explain an awful lot.....I have been feeling "sick " since I was 28.... I know my family and friends were getting tired of hearing about all my all those problems have a NAME!!! And, it's scary to think that I can link all of my ailments to lupus but I can....almost 100%. Thank God I'm getting treated and thanks for your infertility gives my comfort to know that my POF came from "somewhere". Have a good afternoon. Jen

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