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Kertie446 02-03-2009 11:24 AM

Awful treatment with no luck
Hi, everyone. :)

Just wanted to vent as I feel so fed up right now and completely ignored.

I saw a consultant Rheumatologist today at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital in Gobowen, UK.

Unfortunately he was so rude and did not listen at all to what I was saying. I felt so insignificant to him. He told me to go away and get on with my life. I don't think he knows what bedside manner actually means in my opinion. I just want to say that I do not recommend going to this hospital for Rheumatology as you will not get treated like a person, only a number. He did not even involve me in any decisions about my care.

I am he just wasted MY time when I could have been doing something that I wanted to do.

I am No closer to finding out what is wrong with me as he did not bother to do ANY tests and told me to go away and deal with it.

I don't know what to do anymore and am starting to get really fed up with these so-called medical proofessionals on a whole as they clearly don't want to help anyone from what I have witnessed.

Sorry I am moaning. I just wanted to get it out as I feel so much worse bottling it up.

Kind regards


Angie10 02-03-2009 12:46 PM

Re: Awful treatment with no luck
Hi Niad,

I'm sorry that you had such an aweful experience. I have seen several doctors and been brushed off. However, I just looked for another doctor that would listen and show compassion. I'm under the care of a great Rheumie now at a teaching hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Have you considered going to another hospital? Also, if you have a doctor - such as your primary - that you trust, see if he or she can recommend a good rheumatologist.

Good luck to you and keep us posted. You will be heard!

Kertie446 02-04-2009 08:39 AM

Re: Awful treatment with no luck
Hi, Angie and thank you for your reply. :)

Unfortunately I don't really trust any of my doctors in my GP surgery. They are the ones that recommended and, funnily enough, said I'd be in good hands with this Rheumatologist and they have made so many mistakes and misdiagnoses before that I really just cannot trust them as they keep trying to say it's all in my head but I know it isn't as my x-rays and MRIs have shown this to be a physical problem and I certainly trust the radiologists that read my x-rays and MRIs more than the doctors and consultants that I've seen so far.

I think I'd be extremely lucky to even be took any notice of as the Rheumatologist even had the nasty insight to make a funny comment of the fact he will not give me any forms for Disability and I didn't even want any forms! All I went for was for an answer and some tests to find out if I could rule out Lupus but he didn't even bother with any tests, just sent me packing. He seemed to think I went there just to get Disability forms for money and that is so not true. I would give anything to not have the awful rash on my face and the aches and pains in my spine and body and he didn't see it this way. I almost cried to be honest. I just couldn't believe it that a consultant Rheumatologist at a supposedly world-renowned orthopaedic hospital could be so heartless.

He didn't even tell me why he thinks I have this red blush like rash on my face that spreads onto my nose and round. Why didn't he at least order some tests to find out?

All this just beats me. My mom has said that she is fed up of taking me to these consultants as they keep brushing me to one side and wants me to forget I even have this rash or this awful pain but how can I do that when the rash is scarring my face up? I don't honestly know where to turn anymore and feel isolated. My doctors are working against me, they only believe what the consultants have to say, not what I have to say as the patient. They are one-sided on everything.

Why have I got this rash? He still never answered my question. He wasted my time and I feel very annoyed with these consultants and doctors as they are getting paid to do this.

I don't know I'm just so fed up with life right now - my health is in tatters and my doctors and consultants aren't there for me because they don't want to be.

Sorry for rambling on. I just feel like I need to get it out and no one else will listen, not even my mom as she thinks I am probably making it up but I don't know. I just can't trust anyone much now as I've always been ignored or told to get on with it. I have found this forum and the people on here so much better at listening than anyone else that I've met face to face.

Just to let you know, I am in the UK so I've no idea what Rheumatologists would be recommended in the UK.

Kind regards


kacklebird 02-09-2009 07:47 PM

Re: Awful treatment with no luck
Hi Niad,

Hang in there, it seems that so many people go through a huge struggle to get their issues diagnosed and treated properly. I would contact the 2 closest hospitals and see if they have a physician referral list. Here in the U.S. most hospitals will give you the name and phone number for physicians that fits your needs such as a rheumatologist. See if they have one and ask for the names of a few. I hope you can find a good doctor that will figure things out and order some tests. I think you said the first doctor didn't order any tests! Wow, that's crazy for him to not order any tests. I hope you find a good one soon as it's very difficult living with a disease let alone not getting any treatment for it too.

Take care

Kertie446 02-10-2009 08:05 AM

Re: Awful treatment with no luck
Hi, kacklebird and thanks for your help and advice. :)

That's a great idea, kacklebird. I'll talk to my mother (I have to talk to her due to needing her to take me to appointments, etc) and find out the nearest hospitals to me.

Yeah, the first doctor didn't even bother with any tests and just told me to go away because he didn't want to sign any sickness forms which I didn't go for anyway! Basically he thought I'd only come in to get some sickness forms and thought I was wasting his time, in actual fact he wasted mine! I really don't know where he got this view that I wanted a sickness form from? My doctor sent me to him to get some more tests. I honestly could've cried, in fact I was nearly in tears and just walked out of his room totally disappointed that I had even bothered to turn up and he let me down.

I just don't know whether to even trust doctors now as I have had so many bad experiences with them.

It is frustrating when I know something is wrong and then get brushed off as just going for a sickness form! He only looked at me as wanting one of them and had already started to judge me before even seeing me!

Thanks for your advice and I'll keep you updated.

Kind regards


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