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TCJKhon 02-18-2009 07:46 PM

Daughter ANA Results
My 13 year old daughter just received her blood test results and her ANA was titer 1:320. Her doctor said that she was positive for lupus and is scheduling us with a rheumatologist. But I've been doing some research (obviously) about lupus and have found conflicting information about a positive ANA. Is 1:320 a definite high number? Should I start worrying now or should I wait until after we meet with a rheumatologist? Freaked out Mommy!

Postie 02-19-2009 06:29 PM

Re: Daughter ANA Results
What are your daughter's symptoms to have the doc said she has lupus?

*erica* 03-02-2009 02:58 PM

Re: Daughter ANA Results
A positive ANA test doesn't mean your daughter has lupus. Many women have positive ANA tests and they don't have lupus or any other diseases. There is no distinctive test that can tell if a person has the disease or not. However if your daughter has at least four of the eleven criteria rheumatologists use to make a diagnosis, a positive ANA test can help the doctor make a difinitive diagnosis. I hope this helps, Good luck to you and your daughter :)

VeeJ 03-02-2009 06:39 PM

Re: Daughter ANA Results
TCJKhon, Hi & welcome. Like the others said, my understanding is that ANA in & of itself does NOT diagnose lupus. For starters, it's positive in a fair number of conditions, not just lupus, like rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, polymyositis, Sjogren's syndrome, ETC.---so its viewed as only a "threshhold test". Further, it sometimes elevates due to a passing virus, or even to a family tendency. Also, it's possible for ANA to be positive with *no other symptoms* present; that's considered an anomaly, nothing to be worried about.

There are "sticky posts" (permanent info posts) at the top of the thread list. One lists diagnostic criteria, which are a mix of symptoms & tests, skin vs. all other. Mostly you must meet any 4 of the 11 to be dx'ed with *systemic* lupus. But there are lesser kinds. For example, for discoid lupus, you may meet only one or two. For subacute cutaneous lupus, you may meet less than 4 or more than 4; but those tend to NOT include the worst (like kidney & CNS).

If you need to know a LOT more, there are excellent hardcovers in most libraries & bookstores. Look for Dr. Daniel Wallace, or for Dr. Robert Lahita. Both are excellent.

Dr. Wallace writes in his book that he considers 1:1280 to be a high ANA suggestive of a rheumatic condition.

Was your daughter having certain symptoms & problems that led her GP to run the ANA test?

Hard as it is, I think you should try not to worry yourself into a tizzy until you know more. If it does turn out that she has lupus or some "close cousin" (which I hope doesn't happen!), please know that many people do remain pretty mild, with proper Dx, treatment, ongoing care, and sun avoidance. Drop us an update to tell us how you two are making out, when you have time, OK? Sending best wishes to you both, Vee P.S. HANG IN THERE!

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