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newbrunswick45 03-20-2009 09:52 AM

Can you help me interpret my blood test results?
I am still trying to get a diagnosis. I was able to get a copy of my recent blood test results and was hoping someone could assist in interpreting them.

ERC normal 4.63 (ref 3.70-5.00)
MPV above upper norm 11.2 (ref 7.5-11)
Basophil Auto normal 0.02 (ref 0.00-0.20)
MCHC normal 334 (ref 320-360)
Lymph auto normal 2.28 (ref 1.0-4.0)
HCT normal 0.446 (ref 0.330-.0480)
LKC normal 8.9 (ref 3.5-11.0)
Platelet normal 250 (ref 150-450)
EOS auto normal 0.14 (ref 0.00-0.40)
MCH normal 32.2 (ref 26.0-34.0)
Hgb normal 149 (ref 115-160)
Neuts auto normal 5.86 (ref 2.00-7.00)
EDW normal 47.1 (ref 36.1-53.3)
Mono Auto normal 0.63 (ref 0.20-1.00)
MCV normal 96.3 (ref 80.0-100.0)
TSH 1.85 (ref 0.4-5.25)
ANA screen normal <1:40 (I remember from another test it was speckled)

The symptoms I feel might suggest that I have Lupus are:

Joint pain, arthritis, skin rashes/malar rash, photosensitivity, hair loss, raynauds, mouth ulcers and neurological disorders (suggestive of parkinsons and MS) memory loss and cold circulations - which might suggest Antiphospholipid Syndrom as well. You can ask me if I'm cold and I'll say I'm fine, but if you touch me you will say I'm freezing. I'm hot all the time, which usually means I'm a normal temperature.

Symptoms I have that do not suggest Lupus are Mobility/dead weight in left leg, no reflexes in feet, unable to determine hot/cold in feet, constant dizzyness/balance issues including falls, chronic depression, electrical zapping throughout body, numbness in hands/feet. Difficulty in determining right/left/up/down if you touch part of my body - I may say its happening in another part of my body.

I read the tags on criteria - however, I'm seeing my primary next week and she seems to belief because my ANA is not what it "should be" I don't have Lupus. I need specifics to tell her what to test me for to find out the answer.

Its been over 4 years - and I really want an answer - any answer.....


VeeJ 03-20-2009 08:05 PM

Re: Can you help me interpret my blood test results?
newbrunswick, hi. Actually a very small percent of people with systemic lupus, something like 3% to 5%, remain ANA-negative. The autoantibody typically seen in this group is anti-Ro. The term "Ro-lupus" is sometimes used to describe such people. (I fell into this tiny group & had a very hard time getting answers.)

You also mention antiphospholipid syndrome. In the same vein, I *think* while it's most often seen with lupus, APS can sometimes occur without lupus.

When bloodwork isn't definitive but symptoms seem lupus-like, a skin specialist can do something called a lupus band test, which is a deep punch biopsy followed up by immunofluorescent stain tests on the skin samples. Those stain tests can light up in a way that's 100% unique to lupus, thus the LBT can be an extremely useful tool where blood results haven't provided answers. (I finally had an LBT done; it proved beyond all doubt that I have lupus.)

I had some of what you cite (rashes, hair loss, joint pain, fatigue, neuro-like tingling) but never a sense of "dead weight" in a limb. Have you also had consults with a neurologist, to determine if you've had clots or a stroke? An orthopedist (to check for spinal compression)?

In his lupus hardcover, Dr. Daniel Wallace discusses many tests; various subgroups of lupus; APS; how lupus is differentiated from other connective tissue diseases & from certain neurological conditions (MS, Parkinson's, etc.); symptoms by organ/body system; rashes; etc. Look in your local library. Other authors who cover the same ground are Dr. Robert Lahita and Dr. Graham Hughes.

You really do need to do some reading, I think. I hope you hit your library or bookstore tomorrow! Please let us know how you make out. All my best, Vee

newbrunswick45 04-01-2009 06:49 AM

Re: Can you help me interpret my blood test results?
Thanks Veej. I've asked for the skin punch biopsy - she wants to make sure its not Rosacea - so she has me on a cream to clear that up.:dizzy: No change and she said it would clear up in a week and its been 6 weeks.

Since I"ve been paying closer attention to my symptoms, I've realized that my face rash is really a skin sensitivity. I was bright red last week - I was not outside, but driving in the car and the sun was shining in my face the whole way in. So, another clue that this is lupus. Thanks for the book advice - our libraries here are outdated to say the least, but I will search their database to see if they have them.

Again thanks!

rachelle01 04-11-2009 08:01 AM

Re: Can you help me interpret my blood test results?
Uhmm..sounds like Lupus, I have it and have everyone of those symptoms...but, they didnt get super bad until after my total hysterctomy and my hormones went nuts..
Ive been researching this and seems alot of menopausal women also have these complaints, including the neuro issues..have you had ALL your hormones checked? low estrogen is a big problem as I have found..

newbrunswick45 04-16-2009 04:25 AM

Re: Can you help me interpret my blood test results?
Thanks Rachelle. I am definately in pre-menopause. The hormone levels she did before didn't seem to come up with any clear issue - but I know I'm pre-menopause at 46 years old. Saw a great show on hormone levels on Dr. Phil when his wife did a great segment. It seems that here in Canada we are no where near as good as the US when it comes to hormone issues. They just prescribe pills for menopause symptoms instead of looking at what hormone is off and treating that hormone with the specific cream.

As I've been diagnosed as Major Depressive disorder and Fibro - they keep insisting that my symptoms can't be lupus as my ANA is only 1:40.......She won't test me for the anti-smith etc. My terminology might be incorrect as I don't have the specific results in front of me.

Thanks for that perspective - didn't really think about how hormones can affect other areas of the body.

VeeJ 04-16-2009 12:17 PM

Re: Can you help me interpret my blood test results?
newbrunswick45, I've actually read that ANA over 1:30 raises a red flag.

My rheumie's assistant one day made a random comment that resonated: that lupus typically hits particularly hard when hormones are in a state of flux. Perimenopause certainly would be one of those times. (Like Rachelle just posted, I also had a dramatic downturn as hormone levels changed.)

Did you get any further along with the skin tests? (Steroid creams did ZILCH for me---which should prove something, one would think, *IF* the dr. is wise enough to realize it!) I also hope you can find a way to get even more tests done, given all the particular symptoms you listed earlier. Hang in there! Best wishes, Vee

newbrunswick45 04-21-2009 09:23 AM

Re: Can you help me interpret my blood test results?
Thanks Vee - I am going to insist that she do the biopsy. She has brushed me off before - but its my right and I am going to insist. I see her in 2 days - I didn't realize that anything over 1:30 is suspect.......Now that I have more information and I feel that I understand what I'm up against I will not allow her to fluff me off on this one. Today is National Lupus day - so that also helps.

Happy day to all. I'll let you know how I do. Thanks!

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