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mygrils 03-31-2009 03:44 PM

Did the sun do this?
Hi all!

I was diagnosed with lupus in 2007 and have been relatively well since then. I take Plaquenil twice daily and Provigil for fatigue. I really haven't had any symptoms other than achy joints and fatigue.

Over the weekend I spent quite sometime outdoors. I am now experiencing what I call the flu. Achy all over, sore throat, slight headache, and very low-grade fever 99.0. Could this be from being in the sun? I have never felt like this before (other than the flu). I also had the flu shot this year and no other family member is ill. Any help is appreciated!


VeeJ 03-31-2009 07:13 PM

Re: Did the sun do this?
Carrie, I read that this year's flu shot didn't protect against most of the strains out there. I got totally slam-dunked: had real flu for the first time since the early 1980's. It started in early Feb., lasted a month, and I'm only getting real energy back now (late March).

When out in the great outdoors, did you wear sunblock, hat, long sleeves & leggings, etc? And avoid midday sun (say, 10-4)? I ABSOLUTELY HATE it, but I became so photosensitive that I accepted that I must do those things.

Hope you're feeling better! Best wishes, Vee

mygrils 03-31-2009 08:58 PM

Re: Did the sun do this?
Hi VeeJ...Thanks for responding. I have heard that about the flu shot as well. However, I do work in a hospital and I figured my chances of getting it were high. I also figured that I would have already come down with it.

I do wear a light sunscreen (in a moisturizer), but I was not wearing long sleeves or pants. I haven't experienced this before and I guess I thought it would never happen to me :(...Boy was I wrong! Do these symptoms sound like a possible flare? I have a call into my rheumie about possibly taking some prednisone.


klbk 04-06-2009 07:51 PM

Re: Did the sun do this?
Dear Mygrils,
I believe it could be the sun because it does the same to me. My md calls me "sun allergic." Here's what helps me:

Avoid the sun whenever possible. I even had to stop attending my son's night football games because the stadium lights did the same thing.

I got my car windows tinted as dark as legal.

I wear spf 70-80 everyday and reapply if I go outside.

I turn off the flourescent lights at work and use indirect lamps.

I wear dark glasses, sometimes inside if it is bright.

SPF clothing. I even found a hood that is spf 50 on the campmor website. It is great for driving, which I do a lot of.

If I do have to be outside, I cover up in spf clothing, wear sunscreen, hide under an umbrella, and hide in the shade as much as possible. 15 minutes in the sun can put me in bed for 2 days.

Window coverings.

Some of these may sound extreme, but once you experience the toxic affects, you don't want to repeat it!

Hope this helps!:wave:

Nadesico 04-19-2009 06:14 PM

Re: Did the sun do this?
it could be sun and flu, when i had my flu jab i stayed indoors and i was ok... mom had to stay away from grans cause she had the flu and she didnt want me getting it... i have roc sunblock which reminds me i need to get more.... and i always where pants and jumpers outside i hate the sun on my skin it feels like my skins cooking and i know how that feels cause i used to be a chef at collage till it got too much for me and i am no stuck at home... but do as the others say wear sun block, tops with sleeves and pants and stay in the shade... i sometimes have to walk outside in the sun with my brolly cause its too much for my skin... i get wierd looks but i dont care my skin and health comes frist...

newbrunswick45 04-21-2009 09:31 AM

Re: Did the sun do this?
This is really interesting. Yesterday my partner said I looked like I had a sunburn - more so then normal. I walked the dogs and it was a bright sunny day - it's only April. Only my face was exposed - in that 1.5 hour walk (the puppies were not cooperating and didn't want to come home), it made my malar rash quite red. I've always avoided the sun in the summer, wear spf, but now I find that it's a year round thing. Very tired and achey today - however the puppies kept me up all night (they found a dead animal and were sick all night as a result) - so not sure if its that or the sun. I do believe if you have a sensitivity - any exposure to the sun can make things worse. Haven't been diagnosed, but based on everything I have, I believe its Lupus.

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