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marys1358 04-05-2009 08:05 AM


Just a quick question,I've had a headache (back of head by neck area)for 4 days now and yeasterday after taking my medication I was so dizzy that I had to stay in bed allday with alot of ringing in my ear and the chills tempature 95.1.Now I feel I guest just not normal like spinning all the time don't know what to do.Has this happened to anyone else?I'm kind of nervous to take my medication because the same thing might happen.


marys1358 04-05-2009 11:33 AM

Re: Headache
I was just on the internet and searched ringing of the ear and Tinnitus came up has anyone had this and if you have what happened next.Dr. appt. or just let it go.

Angel MJ 04-08-2009 02:57 PM

Re: Headache
hi mary,
i have had tinutus,
was unfortunate enough to have seen someone that just got over chicken pox & vaught the virus, same one that u get shingles from, i had got a viral infection in my ear ...
i had severe rigning, vomiting, balance loss, partial hearing loss, blurry vision.
i was admitted to hospital ... (the one period i was on medical aid) 5 day stay & (the day i stopped vomiting i made hubby bring me a pizza) loads of drugs, multiple perscriptions to take home ... i still get it but it doesn't persist.
i avoid docs ...
but my motto since being dx sle...
rather go & it's nothing, than not go and there is something ...

see your ent or ask yr gp to refer you to one ?

Triciah614 04-09-2009 12:59 PM

Re: Headache
Mary, this is exactly what happened to me 3 years ago. After a lot of antibiotics to clear up inner ear infections, going to see an ENT for some PPD (or something like that), a neurologist to check for brain cysts, I was finally sent to a specialist who diagnosed me as having meniere's disease. You have the low body temperature, the spinning, and the ringing in your ears. I spent the entire year in and out of the hospital and they finally stabilized me with water pills and allergy pills. If I take them every day, the dizziness stays gone. I still hear the ringing but not as often, and I feel the pressure (almost burning pressure) in my ears, especially if I don't take the water pill.

It would be worth looking into. It took a whole year for someone to figure out what I had, I hope it doesn't take that long for you. Good luck and let us know what you find out.


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