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neveragain444 04-19-2010 06:10 PM

What does high RNP antibodies mean?
I had another ana done last week and it was positive again. I had one about a month or so ago and it was positive (ANA Direct), on this one, it also showed antibodies, RNP Antibodies normal results are 0.0 - 0.9 and mine was 7.3 high. I looked in the above posts and couldn't find anything on the RNP. My anti-dna (ds) was normal, so was smith antibodies and Sjogren's Anti−SS−A and Sjogren's Anti−SS−B. Could the RNP indicate Lupus or positively indicate auto-immune disease. I do have the symptoms w/out question. My doctor hasn't seen the results since I ordered them online. I have no idea what this means.

VeeJ 04-20-2010 06:12 AM

Re: What does high RNP antibodies mean?
Neveragain, I've read that anti-RNP is seen in MCTD = mixed connective tissue disease. MCTD is a crossover syndrome, with features of lupus, myositis, and maybe scleroderma. It was formally defined in early 1970's.

But I think anti-RNP is also seen in a certain percent of lupus patients.

Not sure what you meant when you said you ordered tests online & that your dr. hasn't seen them. If I were you, my #1 goal would be to find a sophisticated rheumatologist. I don't mean this as criticism, just that this is one tricky branch of medicine. Plus you need a dr. who can actually TREAT and MONITOR you after a dx is made. How long have you been struggling? Have you seen any drs. you have confidence in? Specialists often cluster in larger cities; are you near any? Best wishes, Vee

neveragain444 04-20-2010 12:27 PM

Re: What does high RNP antibodies mean?
Well you can order blood tests online and have them done at a Laboratory (same Lab your doctors use). So I just had to pay for the test instead of my insurance covering it. I dropped the results off to my doctor today and waiting for them to call and tell me what they mean.

It has been an extremely long time since I have been to a rhematologist. The rhematologist said I had early stages of Lupus, my ANA's were positive high, but no antibodies were showing up positive at that time or anything else. He said later on that it would reveal itself in my blood work. My PCP said what I had was fibromyalgia, but he really didn't know what else to tell me, he definetly did not think I had Lupus. So I quit going to the rhematologist.

I have been wanting to know 13 years what is wrong with me. I am actually happy my tests are showing something.

neveragain444 04-20-2010 06:31 PM

Re: What does high RNP antibodies mean?
Another reason I made the choice of where I quit going to a rhematologist was because he went to complaining because my PCP didn't take care of the problems I was having (muscle pain), what doctor does that? I just thought he was being a jerk. He had me on a corticosteriod for awhile I can't remember it helping me before. This has been alot of years ago so my memory is kind of blah. I just don't remember anything ever helping. I can manage the pain decently with aleve & ibuprofen but not the fatigue. :(

VeeJ 04-20-2010 08:11 PM

Re: What does high RNP antibodies mean?
Neveragain, I hope the labs you ordered and gave your dr. will advance you. I'm really sorry you've had such an ordeal, and that you had to initiate tests on your own. That really stinks! I had to see multiple rheumies: the first couple were incredibly useless. Keep us posted, OK? Wishing you better days soon, with all my best, V.

neveragain444 04-21-2010 02:31 PM

Re: What does high RNP antibodies mean?
Well if I had a follow up appt with my doctor anytime soon, I would have asked him to do the test but I wanted it done now and I don't see him again until June, and I really didn't even suspect this autoimmune disease for along time but then I saw these people on tv with it and it was like staring at myself in the mirror watching them and how sick they were, and then these mouth sores that keep recurring wasn't HSV, made me think it was actually autoimmune related. I think I thought right. :D

It's amazing though how an autoimmune disease can hide from blood work like that all those years. I mean, I know it has been a long time since I have had ANA testing and my PCP didn't keep up with that particular type of testing, but all it showed when I first became sick was a positive ANA 1:320 homogenous, I had no positive antigens to any specific disease. But sick as hell.

Positive ANA's alone can be dismissed when nothing else shows up in your blood work. If someone is really tired and having pain all of the time, it shouldn't be.

neveragain444 04-24-2010 10:18 AM

Re: What does high RNP antibodies mean?
I don't think I quite meet the criteria (symptoms) of MCTD. More so like Lupus minus any kidney disorder. Maybe not even that. I don't know.

I have no swelling that I can tell of.

But I have had severe fatigue and muscle cramping for 13 yrs. I also have muscle weakness. The recurring mouth sores and tingling + burning sensations. And itchy skin.

In order to have SLE or MCTD, do you have to have something seriously wrong like kidney disease, high blood pressure, lung disease, or such?

I read online in a few places that RNP antibodies do not show up in healthy individuals. Is that true? Because some doctors say the ANA can be false positives and I went all these years without the diagnosis except for my Fibromyalgia because my PCP didn't think I had an autoimmune disease. I do understand his diagnosis but if this RNP is 100% positive for MCTD or Lupus, that I would love to know that. I am waiting for him to call and tell me what he thinks but I have been waiting since Tuesday and haven't heard anything from his office yet. And I'm inpatient!

VeeJ 04-25-2010 05:43 AM

Re: What does high RNP antibodies mean?
Neveragain, yes, you can have lupus without the worst problems possible. If major organs aren't involved, drs. call you "sub-acute". Its range is very wide, from mild to life-threatening. Hope you get some answers soon, Vee

neveragain444 04-26-2010 09:07 AM

Re: What does high RNP antibodies mean?
My doctor didn't call to interpret these results and it's been a week already. If they did not order the test, will they not interpret it for you?

I'm thinking I need more blood work, like inflammatory tests and/or to be sent to a rhematologist for evaluation

I don't think my test result was a false positive as high as it is and hopefully my doctor isn't thinking that. I don't get it though because they always call. :(

Sherelle 06-23-2011 06:08 PM

Re: What does high RNP antibodies mean?
I had blood work done in Oct. 2011 with a positive ANA and a positive RNP of 7.5. A month or so ago I had follow up blood work and my RNP has jumped up to 7.9, I saw a Rheumatologist because my pcp thought I had RA but the x rays didn't show anything. Well over the past few months I started getting developing painful lumps around my joints. I went to the hospital because of the burning pain. My pcp doesn't know what it is and my referral hasn't been approved for a new Rheumatologist. I think it could be polymyositis. Anyone else have similiar symptoms and gotten a diagnosis?

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