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RainyNights 05-14-2010 12:53 PM

What a Complete Waste of Time - Rheumy in Kansas City?
Just had my first appointment with a Rheumatologist. He was an egotistical jerk who gave me no answers. He did no history and physical, just read the paperwork my doctor's office sent over (and misinterpreted it), told me that most labs are incompetent when it comes to running these tests and that he wants to re-run everything (I think he just wants to bill for them) and that he'll see me again in a week.

I waited 45 minutes in his office to get 5 minutes of his time and no answers. Ugh, now I need to start looking for a new doctor. Regardless of the results, I want a second opinion and, assuming everything is still positive for Lupus, I don't want to see him anymore.

Anyone have a good Rheumatologist in the Kansas City area?

VeeJ 05-15-2010 05:40 AM

Re: What a Complete Waste of Time - Rheumy in Kansas City?
RainyNights, I'm sorry your appt. went this way! The dr. I still see re-ran my tests at a lab of his choosing, for the same reason. But before my appt., his staff had me fax my medical history *in my own words* (that was a first!), plus recent labs. During the appt., he showed me checkmarks he'd made, where he thought I'd already met some of the "4 of 11" lupus diagnostic criteria. (These are in a "sticky post" at the top of the thread list.) He also explained the criteria: once you meet one, think of it as being checked off permanently in indelible ink. I'd had chronic rashes, so he also shipped me to a dermatopathologist for one last skin biopsy. (That's a dermie who's also a pathologist, meaning does his own labwork.)

I'd understand a dr. re-doing bloodwork & urinalysis, but NOT that he didn't take a detailed medical history. Like you, sadly I've also concluded most drs. are egotistical jerks, but it's competence that matters... Have you seen enough drs. to develop a sixth sense about competence? Do you think if you were to return next week, maybe THEN he'd take your history? Whatever you decide, I wish you luck. Post more when you can, OK? With warm wishes, Vee

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