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spmom 12-10-2010 10:33 PM

Postivie ANA titer, nucleolar patter, lupus symptoms
I am new to this and need some help. I was tested this week for possible Lupus due to Lupus symptoms (joint pain in hands, protein in urine, extreme fatigue, mass hair loss). My test came back 1:80 (reference range was 1:40-1:80 for low antibody level) with a nucleolar pattern. Natropath recommended that I go to a rhumetologist and suggested possible scleroderma or polymyosistis. I am really suprised about this because I do not have any of the symptoms of what she suggested. My symptoms are more in line with Lupus. I have other autoimmune diseases and health issues (hashimotos, Addisons and fibromyalgia) which may account for some of the Lupus symptoms. Would love input on what you think might be happening here.


VeeJ 12-11-2010 09:24 AM

Re: Postivie ANA titer, nucleolar patter, lupus symptoms
spmom, in and of itself, ANA doesn't diagnose anything, because it's positive in quite a few conditions. I think that list includes both Hashimoto's and Addisons, so maybe those are causing your elevated ANA? (You should confirm that!) In a similar vein, I don't think ANA pattern alone is enough to diagnose anything.

Do you have one dr. who's treating you for both conditions? I'd start with him/her, to determine if your current symptoms suggest something new & whether tests for lupus & its close cousins are needed. I'd particularly ask what can cause elevated protein in urine. I strongly doubt that only lupus can cause that, but you'd certainly want ALL your specialists to comment on everything you just posted! Let us know what happens next, OK? Thinking of you & sending best wishes, Vee

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