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betseyvan 01-27-2011 04:20 PM

Sun Help Needed
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As I live in Arizona, sun is a constant. I try to stay out of direct sunlight, but today it was lovely so we sat outside and had lunch. I was wearing a pair of jeans, but after a time, they became hot - my arms were covered as was most all of my skin except my face. When I got home, my thigh was completely mottled - as my skin has gotten whenever I am exposed to sun's heat. Last summer while out in the pool, my chest, arms and legs got covered with this rashy mottling. So I went to the Rheum Dr. he said ANA and other autoimmune tests were all normal. The Derm didn't know what my rash was, as describing it just left both dr.'s hung. Anyone able to identify with this - I took a pic for my Dr. but without other labs meeting the lupus ID is it worth it to go back? I also have CONSTANT fatigue, am 50 and nothing else is remarkable...Thanks for help -

Bryansmom 01-27-2011 04:59 PM

Re: Sun Help Needed
It's tough to almost looks like something called livedo reticularis. Google it and see if it's match. Were there any other symptoms? Itching, burning?

VeeJ 01-27-2011 06:13 PM

Re: Sun Help Needed
Betseyvan, hi. Before I started getting lupus-specific rashes, sun brought on the LIVEDO RETICULARIS just mentioned. It's caused by disrupted blood flow. But unlike a rash, it tends to last hours rather than days, weeks or months, I think. How long did your mottled appearance last?

re: fatigue, hypothyroidism is an even more common cause than lupus, I believe. My sis suffered for years before her GP did the specific tests that revealed her problem---that on top of perimenopause made her a wreck. Have you had a full bloodwork done recently, incl. such add-on tests?

Have you been having other symptoms that worry you? If you haven't scanned them already, the "sticky posts" at the top of the thread list contain permanent info you might find useful.

I hope this gives you a few new things to mull over with your drs. Let us know what happens next, OK? Sending warm wishes, Vee

PennyMT 01-27-2011 06:22 PM

Re: Sun Help Needed
Well from what you described and showed (rash, fatigue), it almost sounds like heat stroke, along with a heat rash. I would just keep out of the sun and try to avoid heat (hot showers, hot baths, etc) for a while and see if it resolves. Maybe apply some PURE aloe vera to it. Is it hot to touch? If so, definitely sounds like you got a bad heat rash. I recently had the same thing on my hands due to the fact I have a fireplace and it's been below 30's, putting wood into the fire caused my hands to have a similar looking rash, but eventually went away. Hope this helps.

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