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SookiesNique 07-30-2011 01:09 PM

Finally Saw The Rheumatologist
I saw the rheumatologist and he was not convinced that I had systemic lupus. I was concerned that I had drug induced lupus because of the presence of anti-histone in my blood work. He orders a complement test C3, C4. He also added DX 795.79 which I'm assuming will be the number he is looking for on the complement test to help determine whether or not he can diagnose actual lupus.

I do not have the molar rash on my face, but my skin seems to be really sensitive. After washing my face burns and appears really dry. After sun exposure my face burns and is soothed by witch hazel or wiping with a cool cloth. It seems like my own sweat even irritate my skin. The pores on my cheekbones look rather large, and I'm not sure why my skin would be so sensitive now, and not my entire life. Right now I'm off of all medications, and I was told that I shouldn't expect to recover over night from drug induced lupus. I'll take approx 6mos to 1 year according to that doctor. I see him again in a little over 2 weeks to go over the test results.

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