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G33NAH 03-30-2012 04:17 AM

lupus vs malignancy ??
Ok I'm a 38yo F. Presented with pain, edema and numbness to Right lower extremity and severe fatigue. Dvt ruled out. My Dr had no explanation for my symptoms and stated my labs were fine except my platelets were slightly elevated. After 3 days my right leg was back to normal. 3 weeks later symptoms reappear but in left leg. Disgruntled with my first Dr. I made an appt with a new Dr. He immediately prescribed prednisone and ordered an ESR which was elevated, he then ordered a CRP and ANAwhich werealso elevated. Next a MRIof my head . MRI detected signal anomalies in cervical bonemarrow.Now I'm waiting fora bone marrow biopsy. I have tried to research these symptoms and come up with nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

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