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dawnk122 10-05-2012 07:14 AM

Any possibility of being lupus?
Hi, I have been having problems with my eyes. I have had at least a few vision blackouts anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes at a time, and now my vision is getting really blurry at night. I've also been getting swollen eyelids which my psychiatrist attributed to a reaction to an increase in my Lamictal dose. I have diabetic retinopathy already so I went to my eye doctor. He sent me to another eye doctor who is now ordering lupus tests and a transesophageal echocardiogram. The echo is to see if there are any holes in my heart. Thing is I had a triple bypass last year, and I really think they would have found anything like that then.

Anyway, I am not sure why my doctor is running lupus tests. I never would have thought this was lupus. I have so many health issues as it is, it just never even occurred to me. I have diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, hypothyroidism, mild kidney disease, bipolar disease, diabetic neuropathy. I have had surgery on my left shoulder for a tear in my rotator cuff so that still hurts all the time, even 2 years later. I get unexplained muscle weakness which my doctor sent me to a neurologist a couple of years ago for and they tested for MS which I don't have, but I do have a lot more plaque on my brain MRI then he would have expected. I have a herniated disk in my neck, and quite a few other things wrong with me. I take 18 different medications.

Does any of this sound like it could be lupus? I keep thinking that the diabetes could cause all of these issues as well since it is also an autoimmune disease. My weight could be a big contributor as well. I am 5'2" and weigh 215 lbs. My BMI is something like 41. Anyway, please help. I would like some answers... any answers.


VeeJ 10-11-2012 03:04 AM

Re: Any possibility of being lupus?
Hi, Dawn. I think when people present with a wide variety of symptoms & problems, that it makes sense to look for a "single bullet theory". (That's the phrase used by one of my drs.) People can have multiple autoimmunes, say thryoid + lupus + diabetes, but that doesn't mean that all do, fortunately.

Have you read the "sticky posts" = permanent info posts at the top of the thread list? These have basic info on lupus & are an excellent place to start.

Meds can cause problems in certain people. There's even a "subset" of lupus called DILE = drug-induced lupus. Unlike SLE, the systemic form, DILE tends to resolve when the offending drug(s) is/are discontinued. You mention 18 meds---gee, that's a lot, with the odds of "simple" drug interaction pretty high, or so I'd bet? (BTW, various psych meds have been implicated in DILE.)

Is your doctor a rheumatologist? That's whom I'd want to do the evaluation for lupus. I'd also want a med review, ASAP. I'm really sorry you're having all these issues & hope you drop updates soon... or just post when the mood strikes, even if you don't have updates! Sending my best wishes, hugs, Vee

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