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vryfunnygal 10-08-2012 01:34 PM

Results of ANA Test, newbie need help
Hello everyone,;)

For the last couple of years, Ive had achiness, fatigue, weird rash on arms and neck, <cyst like>. Also have two/three rows of extra eyelashes, and arthritis, and osteo penia. I had ana test.. done and here are the results

In bold capts and the letters numbers are highlighted in dark color. As if to tell you this is important

heres are results of blood work, LONG sorry
SED rate 2
CBC inclu red 4.51
white blood 8.5
hemoglob 14.1
hemat 42.5
MCV 94.2
MCH 31.3
MCHC 33.3
RDW 13.1
PLatel count 225
absolute neutrophils 6554
absolu...lymphocytes 1318
absolut...monocytes 485
absolu...eosinophils 111
abso...basophils 34
neutrophils 77.1
lymphocytes 15.5
monocytes 5.7
eosinophils 1.3
basophils 0.4
ANA IFA screen w/refl to titer and pattern, IFA

[B]ANA SCREEN, IFA [/B]<--bolded on report and black then tabbed over it says [B]POSITIVE[/B], <--bolded and dark, then a light colored Negative not bolded

Antinuclear antibodies titer and patter
[B]ANA PATTER [/B]<--bold and dark tabbed over says [B]HOMOGENEOUS[/B]
[B]ANA TITER [/B]<--bold and dark, tabbed over says [B]1:40 H[/B] then the word titer is light colored and not bolded

please can someone explain if this means I have lupus, or some other autoimmune disorder.. Ive been misdaignosed, as having hypoglycemia, asthma, fibromaylgia.. etc.. thanks bunches, and god blessl

VeeJ 10-09-2012 03:31 AM

Re: Results of ANA Test, newbie need help
Vryfunny, hi & welcome! Could you clarify something? In your list, was everything boldfaced, as if to indicate *all* were outside their reference ranges---or was only ANA?

Either way, I think we can get you started on your ANA question. ANA by itself can't diagnose anything, for several reasons. First off, it may positive in multiple conditions within rheumatology, like lupus, RA, the myositises, etc.; and it can also be positive in conditions in other specialities.

Also, ANA may be weakly positive due only to a passing infection or virus, or even to a family tendency. Here's some perspective on your value. ANA is a titer test, in which controlled amounts of a test substance are added to your sample, one batch at a time, until the sample no longer fluoresces. The last number at which fluorescence is visible is your reading. The series starts at 1:40, then goes 1:80, 1:160, 1:320, 1:640, etc. This means 1:40 is the lowest possible reading, not terribly significant at the time the test was taken. *But* ANA can rise & fall in some conditions, as disease flares come & go. i.e., a low reading doesn't mean you should quit trying to figure this out!

But your rash could be meaningful right now. What does it look & feel like? Have you seen a dermatologist? Had it biopsied? Do you correlate it to anything, like sun, for example? There are number of lupus-specific rashes, so it would be very meaningful *if* this rash were proven to be a *lupus* rash. That would mean you have lupus to some degree, perhaps only "cutaneous" as opposed to "systemic". You can envision the dividing line between cutaneous and systemic lupus by reading the "sticky posts" (permanent info posts) at the top of the thread list. Generally speaking, if a person meets 4 or more criteria, not necessarly simultaneously (it can happen over time), that person will probably be diagnosed with SLE = systemic lupus.

Hope this helps & that you write more, and that others chip in. Personally I'd love to hear more about your rash. Mine flummoxed my local specialists for years, and I was really honked to finally learn it was a less-common lupus-specific rash. It seems my local drs. had only heard of "discoid" and "malar", and there are at least a dozen more. Sending warm wishes, bye, Vee

ladybud 10-09-2012 03:47 AM

Re: Results of ANA Test, newbie need help
I would ditto what Vee said! Also one little clue in your other tests is that your neutrophils are a little high and lymphocytes a little low. Low lymphocytes is seen in lupus, and no one will make a bid deal about yours, but every clue counts in my mind when you are trying to figure something like this out. I would suggest you get the ANA rechecked at a time when you are feeling particularly bad. One of the diagnostic criteria for lupus is a positive ANA on two or more occasions. next time it may be higher and more meaningful to your Dr. Who will likely dismiss this one as borderline, so not very meaningful. I for one disagree with that thinking when someone is having symptoms that are suggestive. My first ANA was 1:40 and my second was 1:160. So I think the first one was meaningful even though low, and I had had symptoms of lupus for ten years before that ANA finally turned positive. Good luck and jet us hear back from you. All your other tests looked good. Have they checked a urine? That is important when consideringn lupus.

vryfunnygal 10-09-2012 05:34 AM

Re: Results of ANA Test, newbie need help
Dear Vee,

All the other were not boldfaced, just the ana, was high lighted and said positive, and 1:40 H, <which I dont know what the H next to the 1:40, meant> Ive been having these cyst things every since my youngest was born 6 1/2 years ago. Funny thing is the doctor has had my results since 10/04, and they say he has my results and will call me, but Ive gotten no call yet, not sure if its because hes consulting with another doctor, or passing it as not a big deal. the skin things, the derm thinks they are pimple like cysts, but the problem is they keep coming back, they have never gone away. I get them on my right arm, <which when I water outside tends to be the one exposed mostly to the sun, and around my neck and shouder area, also on my neck, jawline. We also though I might have too much testosterone in my system. Even when not in the sun they do not go away. I have seen a derm, she just thinks they are acne type cysts, I disagree. So I will ask her to biopsy one when I see her in two weeks. The symptoms I have are, joint achiness, stiff hands, very very tired, fatigued. Hair loss, headaches, and major memory loss. I keep getting the run around by doctors, and I for one am at the point of wanting to just give up. I have one that previously, they do nothing, and find nothing significant. I have nodules on my thyroid, and also have alot of ovarian cysts. They just removed the mirena, which hasnt made a difference in how I feel. I also have light menstrual bleeding off and on, thats partly why I went on the mirena in first place. I have a hiatul hernia, and reflux, of which because I had c-diff 7 times from 2009-2010. After having all that c diff, is when my symptoms started worse than they had before I had c diff. Im sorry tmi. hugs and god bless. .

vryfunnygal 10-09-2012 05:39 AM

Re: Results of ANA Test, newbie need help
Dear Ladybud,

Thank you also for your reply. I think I will have the gynecologist I see next week, take another ana test, because this week Im feeling the worst Ive felt in about 2 years. I know Im having a flare, and my gut tells me its lupus. Ive been doing research for almost as long as Ive had these weird things. Then also I started having 2 and three rows of eyelashes start growing in and extra eyebrows growing in below the eyebrow line. I researched that and its called lymphedema diastichiasis. <spelling> its an autosomal genetic defect, but weird how it just happened after my youngest was born. when she was 2, is when I started having that problem too. They checked my thyroid, functioning she said is fine. eventhough I have two nodules on my thyroid. She said they are benign. Im just hoping someone does something, Im started to get sick of the run around with these doctors. hugs and god bless,

VeeJ 10-09-2012 07:04 AM

Re: Results of ANA Test, newbie need help
Vryfunny, not sure what you mean by cyst-like...? Here are a few lupus rashes that favor arms, upper chest, back, etc.

BULLOUS. Lesions are fluid-filled & blisterlike. Not sure about bloodwork.
DISCOID. Tend to scar &/or depigment. Bloodwork typically negative.
SCLE. There are two forms, both of which correlate heavily (not always) to the anti-Ro antibody, and both of which tend to be very photosensitive. Neither tends to scar or depigment. (1) In "annular", the lesions present as red raised papules; but over time, those papules expand into circles with clear centers. (2) "Psoriasiform" (also called "papulosquamous") looks like psoriasis but isn't.

And there may be more I don't know about.

Re: BIOPSY, if you do have one done, I think the gold standard for a possible lupus rash is deep-punch biopsy PLUS immunoflourescent stain tests. Why? Because the stains can fluoresce "immune junk" pooled between dermal/epidermal layers, which creates a telltale linear pattern considered unique to lupus---therefore a positive result is considered VERY diagnostic. The test is especially useful for people with skin issues who have equivocal labs, or don't meet enough criteria in a clear-cut way, or to help rule out other conditions that share some of the same symptoms (like thyroid).

I think "Alcian stains" were used on my tests, but that was years ago. I also think the test I describe is basically the same as a "lupus band test". Anyway, I hope this info gives you some questions to kick around with your dermatologist BEFORE a biopsy is done. Looking forward to your updates! Hang in there, OK? Best wishes, Vee

vryfunnygal 10-09-2012 07:17 AM

Re: Results of ANA Test, newbie need help
Thank you vee, I will write all that down, I got on the 24th. Your a blessing. I sometimes feel so in the dark, and alone.. big hugs and god bless, gal

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