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Sunic 11-14-2012 01:10 PM

I was wondering if lupus can cause incontinence. For the first time ever (as a adult) I incontenent ( hope I spelled that right and no I was not drunk,LOL Sober for 8 months) lastnight. This upset me very bad, so was just wondering about the lupus thing. I have had lupus for 2 years and still learning alot about it.

VeeJ 11-15-2012 03:25 PM

Re: Incontinence
Hi, Sunic, and welcome! I had urinary problems (frequency & urgency) before dx and still have them 10+ years later, to a lesser degree but still there.

Here are some things I've tried.
1. If it's really nasty, my GP tests for a UTI or stones. (I hardly ever have UTI's, but I did have tiny stones once, which led to a complete urinary blockage. You'd know if that happens: pass blood, then can't pass anything, extreme pain, and violent non-stop vomiting.)
2. Before my lupus dx, I saw several urologists. Both considered testing for INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS. But both decided not to test, because it's a knock-out test & they thought my #1 problem was something else.
3. I reported the problem to my rheumatologist when i was first dx'ed. He said "lupus cystitis" is possible but gave me no specific advice.
4. So I tried identifying foods/drinks that irritate, using lists available for Interstitial Cystitis as a starting point. Sure enough, caffeine, acid foods (like salad dressings), certain spices, carbonation, and alcohol (certain wines, especially) do annoy my bladder---but much more when I'm iffy overall. I actually can get away with those things at times, but at other times, no.
5. Good foods/drink? Drinking more water helps me some. I sometimes pop a few anti-acids to try to neutralize my urine.
6. Age? Well, that's not in my favor! I think post-menopausal women (I am) can have urinary issues simply due to age.

What has your doctor recommended? If "simple" UTI's aren't the cause, have you seen a urologist?

I hope this helps a bit, as I sure can identify with you on this. And I hope others chip in (we can't be alone in this?!), and that you post more soon. Best wishes, sincerely, Vee

Sunic 11-16-2012 02:58 PM

Re: Incontinence
Thank you Vee for the welcome. I was not sure if I was going to post again if no one replied. I am new at this and was kindy scared to put my private life out there for all to read.

ladybud 11-16-2012 03:15 PM

Re: Incontinence
That's the nice thing about anonymous names-no one knows who you are. Was your incontinence bladder or bowel, and did it occur while awake or during sleep? Other than things Vee mentioned, if lupus is associated with peripheral neuropathy, that can affect your bladder. I've had lupus 28 years, and once in awhile wet the bed.:( This tends to happen when I have totally overdone it and am utterly exhausted. Another thing that may be associated is spinal disc problems, but you would have bad back pain and probable leg pain. It certainly can happen from a UTI, so I would get checked for that if it recurs. It may have just been a fluke, and may not happen again.

VeeJ 11-16-2012 07:03 PM

Re: Incontinence
Hi. Ladybud's comments are so much smarter! I was thinking urinary only, dumb, since I've had both Gi and urinary problems over the years. Both can occur chronically in lupus, but I bet both can occur for other reaons. Like a GI "bug"---I had one last week & others in my high-rise did. Nasty & painful, but it abated in several days. I wouldn't worry about one episode. If whatever happened recurs, then I think you should follow up.

Like Ladybug said, we're anonymous, therefore I can share this: I'm in my worst urinary discomfort/urgency in years. Not a UTI, just that old frequency/urgency I've had on & off for years. UGH.

I hope your episode has stopped, that you feel safe here, and that you post whenever the mood strikes. Best wishes, Vee

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