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Vicky446 03-07-2013 10:33 PM

Protein/creatinine - random urine
I have no idea what the "normal" levels would be for this test. I had the urine sample taken today, and the results are already showing up on mycare page. Today's results were prot/creat ratio .04 and creatinine, random urine 179.8. The last time I had this test done was 07-23-12. At the time, my ratio was.05 and the creatinine, random was 80.08. Is it normal that the ration went down and the random creatinine doubled??? Does anyone know anything about this?

VeeJ 03-12-2013 07:34 AM

Re: Protein/creatinine-random urine
Hi, Vicky. Honestly, I'd ask my dr. to explain, mainly because kidney function is so important... also because the tests might be repeated in the future, and you'd be more confident reading them the next time around.

That said, there may be a good chance that these #'s are normal. *If* the protein/creatinine ratio measurement represents grams of protein per grams of creatinine, and *if* < 0.2 is considered normal, then your reading of 0.04 might be normal (in that 4/100 is less than 20/100).

And *if* normal range for random creatine is 40 to 300, then 179.8 might be normal, too.

Anyway, here's hoping your doctor can confirm that both tests are fine. Let us know how it goes, OK? Sending best wishes, bye, Vee

P.S. I get alarmed when I try to read labs so "helpfully" posted on those online portals! Mine often appear without reference ranges, and without asterisks or bold-face to highlight the abnormals---and I hate trying to figure them out!

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